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Don't want to hurt myself. I'm going to have to pass as well. I don't lift weights bad back and all I didn't know you had a bad bag. Always in pain. That's awful. You don't mind me asking how'd you hurt your back? As always in pain from carrying this show zoo. It's tough being on the Internet rude burn. You can't see me since as audio but I'm hanging my head in shame. Now let me tell you about when I quit acting became the governor of California finally. So I decided to try and get into politics at the years of being fascinated by them. Auto owners the Republican candidate in the two thousand, three election out would win the recall election become governor. What's a recall election? It's a special election that they did in California to vote out the incumbent governor. How did they vote put names in a bucket and pulled them out the name that they pick out becomes governor. Isn't that how most elections go? No. Not at all I won the popular vote to become governor. Would you do with that fishbowl voting to see who writes the next script logged? No we're going to do fishbowl facts. Full facts would you like to join? Fox a low fishbowl facts here read the first one fishbowl fact number one. Uneasy personal I'm. About to me, did you know that I served in the Australian army year as part of the mandatory service requirement for eighteen year old Austrian males During basic training. So I could compete in the junior mister Europe contest and I spent the week in a military prison worst week about life. I couldn't work out fishbowl fact number two in nineteen ninety-three. He was named by the National Association of Theatre Owners as the international star of the decade at just started. Need, three you only. Called better than packed full I called like he'll like a movie every month in the eighties and then in nine hundred. Ninety three they didn't say was the eighties things spray titanic to come out and top terminated to know right. So did he can't be this big moneymaker without having to release all those movies? Last Action Hero. Saw Twins. So did it take? These put. My car note. Jerome. Just not continue to listen to the show about I saw. Chris Tearing to read his. Short on understand why it took them three years to name somebody from the eighties. All right. Chris. What's your fishbowl facts? Fact number three, I guess you're getting cut off when Schwarzenegger first announced his candidacy for the two thousand three California recall election the total recall election. For Governor of California, it made national international news would budding Comedians in the media quickly dubbing him the governator and the running man and referring to the suing elect recall election as total recall. I knew was in there somewhere. Good fishbowl fact number four Schwarzenegger struggled with anxiety and learn how to overcome it when a friend's him Tran. Trans can instill meditation. Fact Number Five. Did you know he was so dedicated as a teenager to work out that when the local gym was closed, he would even break in to work out. It's mazing. How can somebody be so dedicated? I don't have that type of dedicated you, I. Dedicated at the seven eleven to break in and Robert. Let's. Say, that can't say that they're always open Chris Yeah yes. Twenty, four, seven you don't break in not all of them some open between seven and eleven at least he's not breaking in Baskin Robbins Baskin Robbins always finds out. It's true. It's true. This'll twenty eight of the thirty one flavors. See even then he fell short and couldn't commit. Still. Off. You let me and they were only pints was taking. Fishbowl fact, number six back article was still adjusting to speaking a new language frequently told his coach Roger Filled about his biggest ambition that he was going to become the greatest actor. He would like a hamburger. FISHBOWL fact number seven. Schwarzenegger's family was not well off even by the Standards Austria between World War. One and two Arnold has recalled at one of the highlights of his youth was the day his family bought him a beer cooler. A refrigerator. Fishbowl fact number eight and thousand nine, hundred, seventy, seven arnold posed nude for the gay magazine after dark just like Sylvester Sloan did that Porno GotTa start somewhere that's why they had the rivalry. Up. Yours did you pose nude foot gay magazine? Now, let's planet Hollywood. I'm Ed Planet. Hollywood. Came to be. Turns Up Planet Hollywood is just Uranus. That was wrong. I'll know more about me as if you're storytelling, didn't do that already Sabadell don't make him upset he might make us workouts more. No to out is over all your hopeless will never get in shape. Hey, I, resemble that remark you do you're so mean try. So if I workout is then that mean we can go. To my story I just when I thought I was free. Run another Aaron. Nobody gets that crash. Go You. Know just when I thought I was free they pull me Back Creek Godfather reference. Just when I thought I was free. Back. East. Godfather reference I wanted to hear ask I I. Forgot that was the Godfather. You WanNa do it a fourth time? Yes. Italian but not. Just when I thought I was free. They pulled me back in Great Godfather. Reference Thank You Nah I was saying I became Governor California in two thousand three is considered a moderate Republican. Due to me being pro choice fiscally conservative, socially liberal and support a gay rights and that's a candidate I can get behind I also signed the global warming Solutions Act of two, thousand six it was initially I cop on greenhouse gas emissions. Darn to stop global warming before was a thing what..

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