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Made the call. Clearly, he had the best angle at it. But this place motive a it had they not blow the whistle homes league called for the foul. His third and liberty seven teams are shooting free throws the rest of the way Matthews at the line five of six today. I one in the air. Lipscomb has tied at at sixty five and Matthew says a great job at transitioning not the most explosive guy on the floor. But changes speeds changes directions incredibly well Matthews right on his average for the season at twenty points. Second free throw so good. Lipscomb Ma has the advantage at sixty six sixty five and Matthews is our djing this crowd on. He says come on everyone wearing purple and gold. One thirty one Romanian sixty six sixty five go pressure. Check. Ortiz tosses. Whose ball is it from what I saw that deflected off of James after it was touched by the lips can player. They're going to have to look at this. Because I think the call the floor was wrong. I just saw replay monitor. They got it wrong. This should be Lipscomb ball hit off of Scotty James after it touched elliptical defender. Awesome. Again, inside of two minutes. The officials can go to the monitor and check a deflected ball to see.

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