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97 7 KOMO Seattle KOMO at them. Oakville, the Northwest's on Lee 24 hour news station. From ABC News on Shut Stevenson. President Trump in our long phone call pressure George's head of elections to find enough votes to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state's presidential election. The Washington Post First obtained a recording of the call ABC News has gotten ahold of it. The president repeatedly cites disproven claims of fraud, conspiracy theories and rumors to Secretary of State Brad Reference Berg. We hear this reading thousands and thousands of ballots. On now with this say, Oh, we're just cleaning up the office. Yeah, I don't think that place. Mr President. The problem you have with Social media bacon. People can say, you know this isn't social. This is Trump Media Rapids Burger. Telling the president Mr President did challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. ABC is Rachel Scott. The president's legal team has lost more than 50 cases in court trying to prove voter fraud. But still 140. House Republicans and at least a dozen senators are fighting and will object to the electoral college results this week. Other Republicans outraged Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, writing in a statement I could have never imagined. Seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world has ambition. So what clips principle? You don't have the numbers to change the outcome of the race. But some of the party do fear the president's repeated false claims of a rigged election will cost them control of the Senate. The special election in Georgia now just 48 hours away covert vaccination speeding up a little in the U. S. Health officials say about four million have gotten shots long haulers, people who survive covert but is still suffering from lingering symptoms. Are warning others to take the highly contagious disease seriously. Mike Caraballo fought back from near death in the hospital.

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