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Going on here i can't imagine that she looked into those those sad sad brown eyes to see a brown eyes ortega say those sad brown eyes and said i just can't quit you i just can't quit you hey let's take a selfie like i don't think she said that i'm pretty sure i thought the way it went down we'll keep an eye on that and and how it's it's going on uh and there are they former pacer his name is brad mode you remember brad nor a he played a purdue he played at purdue indy star with the story and he played a couple of years or with the pacers i hear he went to the allstar game in two thousand three then brad miller and he used to play with the sacramento kings and when he was at the sacramento kings he got suspended for five games because he liked weed he liked the marriage wanna and what what's the matter kurt you look upset have you okay th this is just steven jackson admitted to smoking we this entire nba career in the ressmann once as one point the okay well he didn't get caught steven jackson's better than brad miller brand oregon cog got suspended for five gave now he's opening up a dispensary in california is getting into the we'd business he's getting into the we'd businesses brad miller and let me tell you a good on him and win eight when it's legal in indiana i'm doing it i am the it is the business people now i trust me when i say we're not going to see in the session they're gonna have to work on the cbd they're going to have to work on that but died the medical marijuana is not come this session i i may wanted to i may be fine with it but it's just not gonna come the session but when it is legal and you can have dispensaries i am getting me a dispensary oh absolutely no question about it i i use this as a reminder because there are plenty of people who are going to truck ohio was the great example so ohio actually put on the ballot you want him medical marijuana and the people overwhelmingly voted no but they didn't vote no about medical marijuana would they voted 'no against was the.

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