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Tie-break say specialty. You know be ruing at that defeat. I think often having six points. We've sat j. konta. She's back She won a match. Which is good to see you back on cool and winning at i have to say. The victories were short lived. She then lost to seventy ver- in straight-sets compared to joe's clay-court run of two years ago. I think we kind of all rights by stations. A very much rajiv's this time around. She's really been struggling with his own going knee injury and a not able to put your think. This was the third win of the year. So it's a very you know. Slow incremental status for i thinks cross she can improve with each with each ornament and she's back now. Fifteenth seed is so flat are a little bit even that knife as the number fifty years. Yeah just flattered. As near the moment and i was hoping for her to run together because you know she was in that quarter with selena. So that paul. The draw suddenly opened up. And i think benches through against you today but does that taught sat in the to. There's an opportunity that You know someone to reach the semi finals. And i was hyping it could potentially being called into against it just just wasn't clicking and i think lack of match time on the call i don't know how fishy is wherever she feels like. She needs to play this. Because moss's one thousand but some yeah. Hopefully she can maybe rediscover some full in rhyme united tournament. That she's dumb. Wella one in the past so we'll just have to wait and see but yeah. She's she's going to need to start somewhere and to build momentum and it was a shame she can do in madrid definitely and as for the men We've got underway today. don evans through To to see. He came through. And long. Match against. Jeremy shaw He won sixteen in the third set. Dan did have three match points. In the second set to it it could have been shooter. Classic they matches where he's had match points in. So i'm glad yeah. She should get through this one. He loves plague shoulder as well lake before this season i think he was actually three three zero down in that head to head but i think he's one that lost he's now won their last three matches two and a half court one today. Hopefully he's rediscovered. Some of the full took him to the semi finals in monte carlo. Because yeah feel like the fact. They never won about chip betrayed You know he. He's he's put that right but he could he could. He could do so much more here. Yes definitely and he'll have. I think heck cash in the next round or john millman. I think her cash They haven't played that one yet but he beat her cash the other day. So it's winnable for dan so yeah fingers crossed safer in this one as well. But i guess notably looking at the draw all is probably at the very top rougher topsy because we don't have djokovic share this week he's gonna play carlos alcaraz in the second round to. He came through today so kid on call across birthday. Yeah which was he seventeen Going to be seventeen east that a good thing or is that bad thing for your birthday. You know it is i like nidal. I'm going to give you a bagel. Is your birthday present on on your birthday or do you think outcries you just going to be so of wrapping up the experience of playing so many tattoos growing up. I think he'll be all in for. I caught him i. I mean you would've thought he would have dreamt of playing play at high. I mean it's all it's all set in motion. It say come through that one. He may have yanic in waiting in the third round. Say very interesting. Section of the draw there and we've also Go well there's navy but dominic thiem is back so we strike about him a bit last week but he's back his out she pretty decent i think but i mean he's gonna pay rip in the quarterfinal so eat have to go rip left based on recent form to that one but i think teams should have a good few matches under his belt we've really where dominate team and i think that's what makes watching you know his first match particularly back a fascinating because you know you look at the people around his jaw Feces guy losses season on a clay court. You said absolutely no problem. But we haven't seen dominic thiem. I think since dubai on hardcore completely different situation. I hate peas. One hundred percent fit now and his put his struggles for motivation. And all that sort of behind him. And he's kind of come. Back with a fresh oppression. We'll we'll see that because if he should be one of the favorites getting into the french open but you know like other players he will be using madrid using room to build some momentum and he's got In his in his quarter so that could be quite that could be quite tasty and if if both days play his get there i think that would be a real acid test to really understand level. Dominic thiem is is coming back to. I mean i'd like to think dominic thiem on a clay cool you something that he knows very very well is probably his best surface. He will be able to come back. I'd reach eighty five ninety percent his level kind of straight away. But maybe i'm being unrealistic. We've been through lots of what it sounds like the the vs given so it it might be. It might be a set future you fought. I'm really reaching for him to seem to see him back until yeah and who knows. Andre could well forty rebecca battle. Stir gate because i think they might. Maybe maybe paying the said round and i feel that that is going to be another long along much. They had recently but yes lots lots happening. Obviously in the madrid. Draw cam nori. I wonder how far he can go. Based on his recent good form which will be getting onto Well we'll be getting onto now because we're going to talk about the tournaments that did happen last week that you have finished. And that was astro and munich and split star in esterel because yeah cam nori Run to the final which somewhat unexpected perhaps but a really put together ready ready decent week and unfortunately lost in a loss at break to ramos neyla who oversees a very seasoned klay quarter and. i guess Coming up against heyman in your first clay courts final on the tool. Atp circa he's. He's a tough tough not to crack on a clay court. Yeah i will say though. And it's something i think a bug bugbear for me and probably father tennis fans as well. I must last was a set and a break down and took a medical timeout and completely i felt stunted the it's obviously it just killed norys momentum and it was a it looked suspicious. Alert like something out of the kim. If i'm going to illustrate something of the diana your strips could play a. It was just it. Felt like to cut it to be true. And i don't know i feel like the or the wpa to sort of come in. And just just how like think about how they can fill at stop these tactical medical timeouts in these big matches Because i know some people might say yep at cap..

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