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The latest surge in COVID-19 cases There's a new call for booking fewer inmates in the King County jails John libertini report The department of public defense is leading the way with a list of nonviolent criminal offenders who should not be placed in jails Some of our clients are experiencing inhumane conditions Tera Dearborn runs lead and arrest aversion program Serious fear and isolation that has contributed to increased behavioral health crises while in custody The omicron surge we're told is slowing the legal process opportunities for inmates and lawyers to meet and it gets worse as mental health professional Molly Mattingly We are holding innocent people in jail and risking the spread of COVID-19 No booking restrictions would include those arrested for stolen vehicle crimes burglaries staffs fugitive warrants and failing to register as a sex offender It's heavy stuff The pandemic experience of incarcerated people is what they're calling it John libertini como news the positive outlook with new COVID cases on a sharp decline in snohomish county has leaders there urging you to stay vigilant Ghani executive Dave summers says things look good right now and he's hopeful that the omikron wave is the last big one But we've been fooled before and so we are just maintaining our vigilance and preparations if there is a new wave We're also turning an eye towards recovery and a lot of your resilience But I think all bets are off in terms of whether there could be another wave or a new variant in we'll just keep an eye out for it and keep doing what we've been doing That recovery includes the first half of $160 million in federal.

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