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Four young men enough bucks county farm last summer cosmo denardo pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences but at the last minute his cousin and codefendant sean kratz backed out of his plea deal more from kywz suburban bureau chief jim melwert in a brief in court statement cosmo denardo told the families of jimmy patrick kane finicky proton mayo and mark sturgis he was sorry and if you could take it all back he would the judge told him he thinks that apologies false insincere then when it came time for sean kratz to plead guilty to third degree murder cats balked bucks county district attorney matt wine trope says they'll go to trial and they will seek the death penalty no play no longer on the table he rejected it we're going forward last month crafts gave a full confession in which he was warned if you changed his mind about his plea that confession could be used against them at trial as for denardo the father of one of the victims told him he won't do well in prison quote not only are wannabes cowards like you preyed upon they'll know you're a snitch before you make your bed head into oils down jim melwert kyw newsradio philadelphia man whose first degree murder conviction was recently vacated by judge is now cleared of all charges after an extraordinary motion filed by district attorney larry crasner kyw steve taylor reports the motion in bold letters is a legal term in latin but dante patterson knows what it means in plain english we shall no longer prosecute like they say you innocent until proven guilty this the other way around you guilty until you prove innocence after eleven years in prison until his release on bail the now twenty nine year old patterson can lose the ankle bracelet and be set free from the confines of house arrest former assistant da richard sachs prosecuted patterson getting a first degree murder conviction he says the narrative of christner's motion is filled with half truths he was stating inaccuracies he was taking all of the evidence out of context and in the light most favorable to the defense sacks was a vocal critic of krassner former longtime defense attorney when krassner fired thirty staff members some of them senior homicide prosecutors three days after he was sworn in.

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