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That's curse of the K R called 763. For a one soul. That's 7634. A one sold. It's Donna for 3 60 painting of Minneapolis. Use my talkie word painting to schedule your free estimate and get 15% off. They donate $50 for each job, Teo Hughes for Heroes painting the Homes of Veterans 3 60 painting of Minneapolis. We cover all angles. Thiss is of my talk dirt alert. Hump day dirt alert plays. Yes, we shall. We're going to start with the story about Lisa Marie Presley, and she's dealing with a medical emergency amid the pushback of her custody trial with her ex Michael Lockwood. So this medical incident is pushed back the court appearance of their private try. ELISA Marie shares twins, Finley and Harper there 11 years old with Michael Lockwood. They split up four years ago after 10 years of marriage. The custody decision is expected to be revealed within weeks. Right wonder with the magical That's what Well, you know, I'm poorly seaside like she's the last Her son was side was the worst. Worse. Yeah, don't never get you can never get over that his mother. I don't think no, no, this would be so devastating. I think so, too, And then she's got this going on, and she's trying to stay sober. I think it's been hard. Very. I just really wonder what the medical emergency is. Yeah, we don't know what that is. But right. Lisa Marie has been through so much and well, not to mention all of the financial stuff that she's gone through. The bad investments. The manager and I don't write. Holy boy. All right, well, we wish Lisa Marie the best. Hopefully she's recovering from her medical emergency, and she can move forward with this custody arrangement with Michael Lockwood. Ah Kasi David, The daughter of Larry David and the ex girlfriend of Pete Davidson is talking about her relationship in a new collection of essays that she's written, called No one asked for this, and she's talking about her relationship and the subsequent break up with Pete Davidson and she said of their relationship. They dated for over two years. She said. It was complicated by the respective mental health situations. David She said that she struggles with anxiety and that they got tattoos and that she struggled to end things, but because Pete Davidson's behavior, But when she finally broke up with Pete Davidson, she attempted to get back with him. Then Pete told her he was the happiest he'd ever been after they've broken up. And then she learned a couple days later. That was she was with Ariana Grande Day, and then she had her tattoos covered up. And then he was like, engaged like month later, you know? Okay, Here's the deal. First, we'll notice off. Do not get a tattoo. Let them until you've known someone six months. Well, they had been dating 2.5 years they had. Yeah. Six months. Amar. Yeah, they dated 2.5 years. It was a long, long time. Amy Kaufman was from the L A times, I think did the review of this book and Said she is her she is funny. Always sunny is like your dad. Yeah. Yeah, And we learned in this essay that it was dad, Larry David that was there for her when she was really upset. Apparently, she was just wouldn't get out of bed. But that would be a hard There were a guy that you dated for 2.5 years. You break up. Maybe you've broken up, but he's immediately like less than a week later, having a full blown out loud thing with This cute little pop star and get my money here. That'd be hard to deal with. Oh, yes. Well, she would be in a regular breakup just stinks beyond belief and can throw you into some places for a long time. Not that I speak from experience, but it's still that makes it hard when somebody bounces like radiant. Oh, my gosh, The arms of an Internet right in the international Bob, Sir! Oh, no! Oh, my goodness. Well She said of her relationship with Pete Davidson, that she and Peter friends again. So, she acknowledged, acknowledges Pete in the forward for this book, saying, Your bravery inspires me and your friendship means the world to me. So they've reconciled her. If you want to read the book, it's out November 17th a little casting news for you guys. Jake Gyllenhaal has a new job. He's going to be in a nickel Michael Bay movie called Ambulance. Okay, But I am a doctor. Ah, well, this is like it tells a story of two brothers who steal an ambulance that is already in a heightened state with a female paramedic in a patient who's in critical condition. Gyllenhaal isn't playing a doctor. He's playing the older brother, and that's really all we have to say. But it's going to be Michael Bay ized. So there's probably going to be chases explosion and probably some cleavage. OK, take it. OK, sure, any Or in a storm. Alright for a Williams. He has a new skin care line out. It's called human race. All one word, and it's going to be out later this month, just in time for the holidays, November 25th, and you can get a couple of things you can get a rice powder cleanser. Ah! Lotus End time, Alec Exfoliator. Yes. And you can get some humidified cream. Do any of these things sound wonderful for your skincare regime? Humidified Interim claim? Yeah. Drink are read all of this kind of stuff. I do love it. Love it. Yeah, Romany people like who is David E? Kelley's Michelle Pfeiffer has come out with a line of makeup. Really? Oh, yeah, she came out and there's no, you know chemicals in it, and she's been working on it. Three guy who played Hannibal Lecter. He has a line of cologne out in cans and cans. Napkins does any story people are coming out with their Their lines extending their brand as it were health and beauty. Yes, and beauty. What would you so let's stay on this topic Just for a second? Let's pick your brains. What air What is the both of you where the one go to items that you just like? Can't live without skincare Regime wise moisturizer. Like what kind? I want to get recommendations. Oh, Well, I like okay, So I like we both use Neil Strata will go off of something that because you can only buy that, you know geologists like get a drugstore. Like I love Avi knows because they have a body lotion with SPF in it, And I also said of Phil, You thought I'd love can never go wrong with moisturizers there cleansers there. The price point they are And they didn't know is $20 a bottle is no fragrance I know in the seventies. See that is sad. Feel it's $20 a bottle. Wow. Why? And I'm like I needed someone I like. That just feels like it went up 10 bucks You're like, Oh, my gosh, I need hydration so dry..

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