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Set the vase is five thousand dollars about flatware thirty two piece flatware for your dinner table made in Italy sterling silver forty seven hundred Bucks you don't want a whole thirty two piece that how about just a platter five grand engraving is extra coffee can you drink coffee don't you need somewhere to store those beams wells Tiffany's also your coffin canned sterling silver for fifteen hundred Bucks all right let's talk about the children this is getting out of hand you want to get your kids one of most popular toys lego what little kid doesn't love legos Tiffany's will sell you legos ball their version of them anyway their hand crafted made of sterling silver and American walnut ten blocks of different sizes all of them numbered in letter so you can create tiny works of art their version of a lego set will cost you you're ready for this one thousand five hundred dollars for a set of ten blocks of sterling silver legos about paper clip no not paper clips not a box of paper clips a single paper clip to actually for double uses a bookmark two and a half inches long it's eighteen karat gold fifteen hundred dollars about those who like to mix yep Tiffany's will sell you a ball of yarn this ball of yarn it looks like a ball of yarn except that it's made entirely of sterling silver nine thousand dollars for a ball of yarn your love birds ring love bird watching wall how about a bird's nest this is made of strands of sterling silver.

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