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Of her by team hochberg a perl mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago i'm violeta pa dramatic in wgn traffic central the wgn forecast here's tom skilling northwestern sean the bag alberta clipper tracking across the area will turn on from like a fictional showers later this evening of the first half of avoid modest cooling is expected on the back side of this system tomorrow but from some will appear in the weekend she's a warm up this pacific geared takes charge tonight periods of wage snow early mixed with a little bit of rain in some locations but a few heavier lakeview snow showers may develop lakeside counties later this evening in the first half of the night partial clearing his that occurs inland windy colder of testing do a half an inch possible and some of the evening snow showers but a few heavier bursts of snow may produce quick onetwo to two inch accumulations lakeside counties low tonight down to eighteen thirsty an early overcast especially lakeside then partly cloudy and colder high twenty nine thursday night mostly cloudy seasonably cold low twenty two and friday partly cloudy and chile's some passing flurries high thirty one saturday partly sunny turning breezy off lake michigan will be mild inland with a high of forty three there but 38 o'hare and in the city in along the lake and sunday cloudy and mild for the season little light rain is possible on these high up to forty i'm tom skilling and the wgn whether shudder it is thirty one degrees at o'hare midway thirty five lake bluff thirty it's thirty four along chicago's lakefront winter northwest twenty eight miles an hour gusting at thirty nine the barometer is rising i'm jd pilic and the wgn news room readily join the conversation whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn the row appreciation numerous a true day but hurry with jeff gilbert had now master of ceremonies rural give us.

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