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Four podcast monster DC sniper I don't think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper the gunman most likely a skilled marksman fired six times in the course of sixteen hours he was a psychopathic cold blooded killer no more of W. O. R. tonight with Joe concha a guest cohost Cooper Lawrence you know me by now you know that I love a good controversy especially something that is just ridiculous like is a hot dog a sandwich this falls into that category so it's not a controversy that this might be depending on what your answer is okay but so this started on Twitter and then it moved over to Facebook and people are yelling at each other in the New York City area over this which is the best seat on the subway here are your choices so when you first got on the subway there's the three seat you know one two one three and then there's the two that are facing yeah okay so the two that are like side ways gotcha so it's one two three you know the one closest to the door is one yeah the middle seat is two and then three is on the end and then you go right to the corner that has the window that's for and then the outside of that is five so that's one two three four five people are yelling each other about this on social media for two days now all right I got in my head I suppose I guess which one is the best one no that would get your you say which one you think it is yes I mean there's no reason a right answer one one a near the door I'm not wedged in between two people because I don't know why but that those are a little more subtle than I am will put it that way I have a couple pounds always seem to seek me out name which be in between that I get the wide legs was that the man spreading yeah so is what I'm in seat one there's only a fifty percent chance of so many big will be next to me and I already have kind of something to lean up against anyway because little wall there because that's where the poll is okay so nasty but the thing with the poll is that people will come in lean they're back on the polls and you get someone's but your face or they're bad because they standing by the door now but there's also wouldn't thing there too no yeah no that is a it's metal it's like a metal pole it's this fall but the end of the seat though has has an end to it though it's it's off yeah so yeah but stays out that's why ones the best of my clothes on this well again there's no right answers whatever you say so a lot of the whole loan yes the real like the real new Yorkers are saying that four is the best seat for because you're in there no one could put their bag in your face you get a window your for if you're facing down or to what I well I know you know you're facing forward and I had a whole thing with a friend of mine on Facebook about this because she great listen I grew up in Brooklyn and then I live Long Island for awhile then Manhattan so but I'm a New Yorker but she's like she grew up in Manhattan so as far as she's concerned she's the real New York on I'm not which I hate people like that she was trying to tell me that four is the only answer if you're real New Yorker I said what's because your ugly and you like to sit there in the corner where no one can see you but if you are a woman like every other woman on the planet except you and you get creeped on by men you want to be in sweet one one you can escape and see one you see was common service a guy that's going to creep on you very easy to get up and leave seaport question there you're stuck with the creep that's an excellent argument so I agree with you see one is what I said I said right and I got six Kareem dad on Facebook why I was wrong about C. one seriously take the stuff very seriously and we take it very seriously I was like well that's because you're all ugly and don't know what it's like to be creeped on the subway I just hope you get a seat and that's true many times and I look I'm a gentleman okay I wrote the book and I'll tell you too many times I'm sitting in a seat and I'll see a woman comes on maybe she has a kid with their maybe she's pregnant just as a lot of bags maybe just the one with no bags I always offered really every time you always offer woman you're seeing a force because I don't want to look a I don't mind standing for starters right that's right out of there quicker some zero point yeah and something on there that long you know right but I'm surprised how many P. how often I see men just sitting there and like a pregnant woman be standing you know when she's fallen down a little bit of the it's a little rock in and no one on their on their own not paying attention yeah I have to tell you can get wifi or any signal downright will tell you looking at fort night or whatever that is much yeah I see a lot of candy crush again which I thought was a dead game but apparently it was plain candy crush again Tetris Cooper I would probably forget that yes we have that option I don't know and one more little tidbit about the subway that you need to know if you're subway taker just FYI the no pants subway ride is coming back it's on January twelfth so when you get on the subway and January twelfth you can see a lot of people and then not wearing pants and that's why now yeah it's not for charity it's not like Santa con yeah it started it was started by a group called improv everywhere and they were doing it to be funny and now it's caught on get a end people it's a thing now I don't know I used to do that in my twenties I mean save precious seconds when things went well but now I can get my head around two and that's a shame should be legal group okay so if you're not watching project runway on Bravo I understand it's a you know it's a very specific case is one of my favorite shows about watching it since the very beginning of the call project runway models no so but it seems like it should be right project runway is about the designers it's about people who design clothes and it's an amazing show they literally take any piece of cloth and they turn to these gorgeous gowns in like a certain amount like a like one day you know they just throw cloth at them and they turn into amazing downs or they do this thing called found object kind of thing where they send them out like into the woods and I have to go find stuff in the woods a make a gallon out of it do you think Clemson can hang with L. issue in that offense Joe bear anyway so you can I wanted to know about this okay so model Karlie Kloss yeah is now the Hoshi took over for Heidi Klum collie clause is from of Vanity Fair not very fair Victoria's secret okay got my attention yeah she's a Victoria's secret model right she is incredibly gorgeous you've seen her like I showed you a picture be like oh yeah that girl got a computer right here K. she's best friends with Taylor swift Susan all Taylor swift videos but here's the most important fact about her she is married to Josh Kushner Josh Kushner Joshua questioner Jared's brother rather of Jared Kushner not really yes so her sister in law is a van Gogh trump right six degrees the trump or playing right now yeah I said Karlie Kloss his sister in law is a vote to trump she looks like a real pain in the **** I cannot take this woman because every picture I see now she's not judge yet all the a picture very down to earth she's a very pretentious looking or nope nope not at all shy maintenance like you cope no no actually she's not that thing she's a real regular person like she's not like those high maintenance models and that also it dispels our name either K. A. R. Ellie I only have people do that you know her parents chose that you can't fault her for like Alison should be a L. I SO when I'll give you two hours maybe but now it's like a L. Y. S. Y. Z. at I did a lot yeah anyway get this in the queue is silent what happened to her so here's what happened with her so on the show what happens is this designers and the the task this time was to make a dress for Carly that she can wear at the CFDA awards a CFDA event in Paris so this one kid didn't do a very good job with the dress and the way he tried to get out of it brought up the questioners and made her very uncomfortable of people saying he threw shade at her here's what happened I cannot see Carly wearing.

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