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He's 5 10, and that's on a good day. And any time you see him stop his feet for a moment it closes like a lotus. But he's been good. He's able to move about the pocket. He's tough. He's accurate. So I would have to say yes. He's the next breakout star because I thought he was not going to be very good. When he got drafted. I thought that they were over thinking that down in Arizona, and they were gonna lose out on that. They ended up with a lot of respect of the other last year, and now I think that division is too tough. I think that division evil with Ram. Some people say that they're down on the Rams. They were still not in seven last year Big they still proved to be a pretty good coach so far. I want to give the Rams their proper credit. We always talk about Seattle. We always talk about how tough that division is. And obviously with San Francisco, they might play in a really tough division but say Sarasota goes Can I get 297 this year with Arizona from 5 10 and one last year? That means Kyla Murray's kicking ass and taking names, and that might be a playoff spot. They get eight or nine and seven. That means Kyla Marie's doing exactly what he's supposed to yet he would be a breakout star. I don't know if that's enough to put you in an M P P level. I think you gotta play those two teams are those three teams too many times for you to be in that spot, man. He looks like he could be a breakout star for the football team. So I'm gonna say straight shooting. Shoot. That is workers shoot. Like you did a good job. I was I was nervous, Billy ability Great. Last week, I was figures going pretty bad, but thank congratulations. Congratulations. Well done 855 to 1 to force to be a state 55 to 1 to 42 to 7 the most disrespected quarterback in the NFL, and we're all looking forward to 2021 20 twenties been a rough year, but Maybe we should do the same with your young quarterback. Uncommon on CBS Sports Ready Right now It's the latest sports update with he always excellent Erica Herskowitz..

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