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Crawford in the traffic center still waiting for the all clear on our work suit on 66 that exit 60 for 1 23 overhead work blocks the main travel lanes. You've been writing the ramps all night long. That works on schedule to be unplugged around six o'clock. Not much sign that they're letting up just yet. So we're expecting that to go? Maybe a little beyond six o'clock before they get the traveling back to you. This will be happening again. We understand tonight. So bear that in mind for your Saturday night, Sunday morning, driving calculus, everything else on 66 seems to be in fine functioning order on 3, 95 and 95. No reported issues Now, the traveling when we did have 95 North bound down by Stafford was over on the right shoulder when last seen it, in fact, may now be gone. On the Beltway. No reported delays and either Virginia or Maryland, entering outer loop doing just fine. On Maryland side. It's been remarkably quiet on 95 on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the bell Ways We run with that delay. Even now, to 70 between Frederick in the lane. Divide Quiet 50 between the Bay Bridge in the Beltway. No, no delays and across the Bay Bridge. All your travel needs her available and so far, surprisingly no wind restrictions. On the district site on the freeway and all the 2 95. We run without any reported delays, and everything seems to be functioning downtown now except right around the capital and the Rayburn House Office building where we still has some blockages up on independence and Constitution avenues. Merrill guided investing visit Merrill edge dot com slash investing goals. Merrill Lynch Pierce veteran Smith incorporated both the registered broker dealer and investment advisor. Member s I P C on me in Crawford. W T o p. Traffic Storm team for meteorologist Lauren Ricketts says a chilly forecast sunny skies and brisk and blustery Today Those winds are gusting up to 35 Miles an hour.

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