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I'm not i'm not a peace officer just enforced company policy the scene so that's like these these great little aside scenes that like didn't have to put in but are part of the whole point of their political bent to their comedy we're like this guy he goes you might have we talk a little shop you watch to no he's like when he allowed to author and he goes basically if somebody's standing in the law doesn't look like they belong he's like you know we do you gotta do he's like he's like like me and he's like cool why did you job he's like well you know they're hiring in the courses only two week yeah great school so it really gonna see again man yeah i feel like i feel like paul's character was was such a good like i is it paul paul okay was making sure i feel like the character paul was so awesome because it was just like his only way of actually getting caught up quickly like without him i feel like this dude are mr blank it would never figured it all out hall jeremy piven yeah paul also drives him past these old house which i love because he's creeps up on you doesn't it no you drove drove also he's the guy who sold the house try to get a family in their man just had the best price but like profiting childhood his character i thought was was great just because it just kept it kept going and also just kept him informed in this like what's been going on his ten years thing like he was the he was the one person saying in screaming the things that we were screaming at home being like yeah you've got you just ask him and like he even tells me he's like a freaked out joined the army wouldn't visit with the government of became a hit me and jeremy piven just it's like his character is just like digesting it so quickly like i can't i can't and i just i love it because the introduction of the gag where he tells every true and he does it twice he doesn't three times total.

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