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Now then had to give in defeat or try to kill the better horse on the day. And I think it was interesting that they probably could have gotten a spot in the Dubai World Cup off the back of that second in the Al maktoum challenge round two, but they opted instead to cut out on the food back to the mile. Of course, he's won twice over it already at may down. So clearly the mouse suits him just fine. But I think it's also for them wanting to get a win on Dubai World Cup night and most likely on the food. The chances are a lot better in this race than when you place him against some very heavy top class American runners in Dubai World Cup. So I find it hard to go against all the food in here just because he really jumped up in that race. He really kind of stepped it up and then came off the back of two strong runs before that too strong sort of very dominant winds makes me think that yeah he is the host to beat in here so I think he's a justified favorite of course we have secret ambition coming back last year's mile winner is only had two starts in then, which include a good second in the all maktoum challenge around one and then of course he also ran in the Saudi coverage. It wasn't disgrace that was quite a tricky race stilt to figure out, you know, some of the hosts just didn't turn up. I think they didn't like the track there, so kind of interesting to try and pinpoint how that Saudi cup form is going to work out, but I guess we'll see at the end on Saturday. But secret ambition is getting older. He's now rolled and of course Tara share has been writing him quite frequently and he ends up going without the food so I think you have to read something into that as well. I be interesting runner like you mentioned perhaps being this event through our trainee storm damage with Christophe Simeon. Stepping up to company in here, because you won't list the race to starts back one before that as well, both kind of just very, very comfortable, very impressive fashion, but this is going to be his class test and I do think that on the food having run against all that hot rod showing that granted that was a prep race for hot rod Charlie probably wasn't completely keyed up, but out on the food held its own quite decently there. So I do have to say that I'm going to give a nod to the favorite in here. Now, it is opened up. I wouldn't say he's a lock. I definitely feel like you could look at this whole field and say, well, there's a couple of price horses in your why not take a chance because you hope obviously that on the food is going to come up and run even a step better than the last time out. But he didn't run on super Saturday. He ran on the 4th of February, so he's had time, right? He's had some time to get over that. I think he's going to do well. Has that lower draw as well? I think he's engaged number two, which works out just fine. I mean, they have that kind of shoot that they jump off from. He's got enough speed to hold this position. So I just feel like it works out well from here. You'd imagine there's going to be a strong pace with secret ambition almost certainly setting that as well. The thing that intrigues me about storm damage is he's a very powerful traveling horse. He really can there was a time in his career where he was really, really keen. And I think that so I'd been so obviously done an awful lot of work to try and contain that. He won so easily on his last two starts. The problem is this is his first attempt at dirt. But he is out of Sunday silence mayor by night of thunder..

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