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Of her besties on Then, yesterday you received Ah, surprise phone. Call from you and no idea who this person Wass way built this up. We sat around all morning waiting for this person to call. Then this person called And Here's the first part of what was a 17 hour conversation between the two of them on this is sort of uncut that I just hit record. And here we go Roll, Angie and our special guest present. Our special guest is present. I want to welcome our special guests now Special guest and she doesn't know who she's talking to. So I may be I mean, as soon as special guest talk Well, special guest. Just follow the ladder. Especially guest. Okay, especially gets you there. Yeah, Special guests probably did fall off elaborate ladder. At some point, their life it couldn't be could pinpoint think special guest is a rock and roll legend. Okay, let's not let's let's not let's not lie now know it's true. It knows it's true. Okay, special guests will be someone you'll be familiar with as you move down the hall, Iraq 95 5. Okay, is this a Rockstar is it is It is a rock star from the eighties nineties. It is it absolutely is. There may be a more words. Were there any rock? Wait a minute. Is this somebody from Motley Crue? New is this Nicky makes sense. Oh, my. Hi, Nikki. They were going on. Wow. This is good. I mean, came and said there'd be a reaction. But I wasn't into no, No. Have you on isn't working so hard I had to posters. I.

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