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Your official. Carolina Panthers cat scratch reader podcast. We're here to break down. A surprisingly. Fun Panthers win on Sunday. I should say it was fun in the fourth quarter in the first three is sucked. But I'm joined by Brad, Brad. How are you doing this evening? I'm okay. It sounds like you, John. How are you doing? Pretty good. I do say I do wanna say about the fun part like that game. Like the fourth quarter was worth watching like Sunday night. I went back and just watch the fourth quarter all the way through because that was. Well, the fun part for me too. Is that I live in Philadelphia eagle country. So I was getting shit the entire first three-quarters from tons of eagles fans. So. Yeah. That the last drive was was nice fun. Little fact to this dude that I wanted to have on the podcast at some point. He he bench. We were talking about it on Saturday. And I said, well, if the eagles go up by more than seventeen there's no possible way. The Panthers are coming back, and apparently he thought to himself. Well as soon as they went down seventeen he's like, oh my God. They're going to do it. And he was right. The Panthers did make the comeback. Restraint touchdowns in the fourth quarter. And you say it Lanta falcons. Some about birds and three score the large leads. Yeah. I know I don't know what it is just kinda fly away when their birds burns. Yeah. I don't trust birds. I don't think the birds are terrible there. There are no trust or the birds complete assholes Brian. Did you say bird's, not trustworthy people? I said they're terrible people this and said, they're terrible. He's not wrong. I mean urge Rascic like if you ever had a bird as a pet. Yes, they're awful. They squad awful all the time. All the fucking time. They chirp, and squawk and squeal, and you have to put a damn towel over their cage to get him to shut up, and even that sometimes doesn't work ahead at one point when we had a bird. So I'd like I had recently like lost a part of my fingernail from getting some dropped on all removing stones time the hatch. It's okay. Big boy, and you're the demure bird of cat scratch reader. I guess so I was all. Yeah. My sister had a bird knows like trying to like become friends with it is bit me. Right. Unlike where I'm supposed to have a fingernail still bad. Oh god. That makes me cringe. Birds are terrible people. You heard it here. First they are awful awful awful people. The only exception is demure bird. He's not a terrible. I he's just an injury susceptible person. But he's he's injury prone. Honestly believe is because his last name's bird like his last if his name was Demere Jones, he would probably be the next Jerry Rice. I mean, How how many many birds? birds lasting sixteen game stretch in the NFL? Is this how frail like a? Demere quail up in the NFL demure coil. Speaking of birds, though. So to get a little more in depth than the fat then. Oh, wow. I almost said falcons, but it was kind of similar the eagles. Lou a seventeen point lead. But they dominated the Panthers for the first three quarters. I think Cam had like twenty eight yards passing and twenty eight yards rushing after the first half, which is not very good in my opinion. It's not doing. They also manage to knock themselves out of field goal position twice in. What was a very close game. Even with the eagles dominating on offense and defense and one point they had to penalties that pushed them out of field goal range, forcing Ron Verita palm, which I'm sure he loved by the way. He loved that. He had to is. He was so relieved didn't have a chance. Thank god. We don't have to give him the ball here. All right. We'll give them twenty five yards of fuel business. All right, cool. So. I'm gonna say something about I guess, you could finish summarize if you want because it just the general thought the whole time possession thing..

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