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Yes hagel is suicide spelled backwards which is like yes and i've to me that felt like the moment or is like okay can we like stop with this can't balance to because it's on trend or eating ballot like really vulnerable right i hope he's not doing it because it's on trend but that was the first you're gonna pick me on them really anyway okay so he's working in this idiom of like email and just directly thinking about depression like i think i described him when i wrote about him before is like if elliott smith was in odd future that's what he's marrying and those artists when they're singing really are making music that really intimately addresses a depressed listener there's a different kind of packed there and i think just like so like speaking of elliott that way like i think i was in high school and he committed suicide that hit me on a gut level and i think it did a lot of his fans because in a way that it wouldn't have if he wasn't someone who sang about depression and then like succumb to it so there's a very intense connection there between the listener in the artist when you go into that space that he's going into it feels very personal very intimate so i think reckoning the intimate personal and really kind of searching music that he's making with the details of his personal life and it's just really tricky and i think part of what is so disappointing about him to me is like he feels in some way like he is presenting an alternative to traditional hip hop skill entities which is great we need that more of that but then on the other side he.

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