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The two of US shorts with Watterson Albert Frederick. High, this is naming lettuce. Welcome to the vast shots. Myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. And its relationship to creativity, mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trick a warning. These at shows of the themes will be complex. Interesting, and maybe at sometimes triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later. Otherwise dive right. I am. Overexcited extremely pleased to have my dear friends and multi-talented multidisciplinary artist in every area possible. Amy Taylor and when I was thinking of you say. All the different creative things you do. I was flying. This is quite a long list. What's last? Stop Win because obviously I know that you teach your storyteller puppet maker. Artist you're also really great Baker, and you can feign and you right. Is there anything that I haven't included? I think. That's everything slow. That's everything I think. So I, go the first thing I felt because usually I like down some questions and all notes and see. If we can. Go from that until broader conversation and the first thing I thought with you because the conversation we were having before. Lockdown isn't very different from your day job in the sense that you're used to working at. You use to create your own structure and discipline but I thought in the context of the fact that you are social creative person creativity part of your daily life in your hourly live. How do you balance the sense of self discipline and a free? Open heart creative expression. That's a really good question. I find. Creativity identity for me. It's all comes in bursts, and it never really announces when it's going to come. And I remember seeing Great Ted talk once. I think it was by the lady who wrote the book eat. Pray Love Carbon Behan name, but she told Elizabeth. Gilbert is with Gilbert I. Don't know if you've seen the Ted talk about. How they believe that you'll muse was in the room, and it came into common problem worship for a long time, but I do sometimes feel like that. That sense of creative I don't always know when it's going to strike, and it can be really difficult. Thing of money been commissioned to do something, or you know you need that discipline to work on something, and it's not necessarily there and I'm quite often i. work very well and depression so often leave things until the final hour on them burst about in that kind of final hour. Because that's sometimes the pressure I think quite need. And it's been interesting. Being looked down at because I feel like I haven't been as creative. And I haven't always had that creative spark. That often there if that makes sense. It does make sense, but you have been doing something else so now. I'm going to plug. About. Forward which is a really lovely initiative. Some thinking we can talk about that, but perhaps how some of your creative energy new inspiration has gone into to that. Yes so my partner and I. We, I guess we both lost our work kind of overnight. There were a couple of weeks before the end of March, and I was just guessing email after email canceling all of my freelance work for the next. As you for the foreseeable future and people were saying things like well. Maybe July maybe September. I I mean it was everything. Everything went within about four days. And for Demo in that she's. She was at the time working as a freelance play teacher pitchers who writes in? Inclusion where can kind of course? Let's different freelance work as ID. And we were talking. With goodness, but what are we gonNa do we need to? We need to do something and I think. For me I need work for my mental health really like I. Need something to get up in the morning I, really struggle, I think some people. My brother, for instance he, he got furloughed, and was very excited about. It was like I have to do anything every day and for me, the thought of having to get up in the morning afternoon is quite terrifying, so we kinda talk about skills. We have between us and Gemma's primary school teacher by training and. Arts educator I do not work in Schools Children Teaching, drama? Skills together and came up with Spring forward. which is online zoom classes for children? We can take up to three time and we're covering everything from math to philosophy to literacy to drama I've been doing my favorite thing at the moment. is storytelling sessions for real tiny's? because. There's just stuff they're stuffy can zoom zoom as well as he caught doing life like yesterday ads in fairy lights in my hands that I was holding them up in there and the kids were just like oh my goodness. And it was just some very lights. Words in real life. I. Don't think they affect the same because they can. See kind of better. So a lot of creativity is beginning to that and say the early days of really difficult I was I was really tired at the start of lockdown. I was really struggling. To quantify more than maybe an hour a day, where could be creative and productive? And it was I have to say. JEMMA was the driving force behind the early stages of it. And, as it's going on I, think is kind of picked up speed in that I've also picked up speed, so it's Kinda got gained momentum, and now I'm feeling more inspired a more creative and having to kind of design, different storytelling sessions each week in different lessons. has kind of kick started I guess my creativity OPEC. which has been good? What's been? Have you worked with Gemma before? We said we would never work again. We said we would never work together. We said it's enough that we live together. Have relationship together. We will never work together. I'd actually it's been lovely. Obviously. The situation has quite dramatically changed from previously. And I think we have a good balance. We have different I guess in the whole running or I suppose now is a business. We have different interests so yeah. Happy loan stuff about each other that you didn't know through working together. Yeah, so I guess having been together for years. We already knew quite a lot about each other and I was quite resistant I to throw myself into it because I felt like. I guess I was a bit scared about how when you were in a relationship with someone how working together might play out and I guess we've kind of ease myself into gently and now we've got. We've got really nice balance like I. Love Doing Accounts, so I do the accounts and Gemma's much better at the communication in the social media side of things, and it's quite naturally divided. We have a nice balance I don't think I've learned anything. New About Each Other? I would bit more patient with each other now as a result of having to navigate starting a business together. But I think what sounds like because you've been busy and. Not just your creativity, but how important is to engage with other people, and how teaching is us of artistic practice here? You know that the teachers I've interviewed all people who love teaching. You know they have this in common. They get really excited by the people that teaching are engaging and blossoming and changing so seems like it's been really important for you to keep engaging with other people. Through this is not been one of the things that has helped kept you going. Even if it's teaching little ones, you're still in a very sign namic way of relating to another person. Yeah I think so and I think it's Fa- me as always I couldn't have life where I wasn't engaging with kids on a regular basis and I think. All of my work outside of teaching and children and I write plays and make theater and right. You know marking on an awful and I. Think all of that, but I could never do that if I didn't have away time with kids because I think there's something about with kids quite often. That keeps he very present and very in the moment and very responsive to their needs. And also a going into that immagination space children feels really important to me and I love discussing completely lost in a space with them. And so in terms of needing to bring that into my life quite quickly when knocked out of started happening and needed to make sure I was having that engagement and that teaching..

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