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Our suzy kolber on being selected at that spot josh the parts traded up for you how would you describe the emotion when that call finally a motivated more motivated than ever in my life and i just wanna get motivated the word very motivated you know you learned that the draft processes like gauntlet how would you analyze all the scrutiny i don't care i just want to put some pads on a surplus ball i mean it's been an unbelievable experience met a lot of amazing people smaller and the country now six hundred to get to work you heard him talk about being motivated he felt like he was better than some of the signal callers selected ahead of him he was a little put off by going the fourth qb selected overall louis riddick todd mcshay on that topic does he have to walk that back now you know what this is one we say there's a reason why we picture we like you you can play football you can play football very high level in a way that really translate to success in the nfl but talk is cheap this isn't a talking man's league this is producing man's league so all that stuff you're talking about teams making you know making mistakes and you're ticked off nobody cares the re cares if you are just play just play at a high level protective football throw some touchdowns the a good teammate that's what i would say stop talking let's get to work now let's just get the work put go ahead todd does this indicate why maybe some teams didn't like him i don't think so i think i think with josh aaron rodgers is the perfect kind of relationship or comparison you wanna make and i think spending time with with aaron he he saw what whatever went through during his draft process and now he felt like he was sliding all he's got to do is channel at the right way bottom line is he's got to go into this place and he's got to earn respective is teammates i think as we said he is the most pro ready and he considered san bradford's lack of durability he could get an opportunity very soon his career to step.

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