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But opposite direction to the Novi driving often draw Dr West. All drive northeast or something to get to get to race race. Deliver all of Yorkshire Staffordshire then North and South Wales late districts. But I was in France. Just just trying to find. You is nice if you're getting into it and a lot of people come into the store recommend couch a five K. Nhs should if that you can download the APP for its basic only smart furnace. A lot of people like you per se as it gives them the routine tells them multi do think too hard about it which with new things. We are funny holidays Buddhist to be told to do it and then with that the middle of the local clubs have the castaway cay causes maybe needed more than just the the APP going along to stop group and new cohorts and the best thing about those is that you can go there knowing that the people there are in the same boat as you. So you're not going to be every four years of taken a group out in the shape of course which has been aimed at people who opera and said. Oh haven't done the half before. I always always tell them that we go to start line. Ecb thousands of people that is that ninety five maybe nine hundred people in the same. I'm GonNa clue what's going on the failing this routine for them. Don't feel that you all have a look around for a second and there's lots of other people out there who are in the same same shoes as you. Just get into it really running to me as changed the law as well as much more except today things I think the sale but years ago there were that many people out running just driving to work which is twenty minutes drive past twenty people out running shapes and sizes all different speeds. It's really inclusive spill. Something as well about committing yourself to a group that if well from my experience if I'm just going out for a run me more likely to cancel on me. Just Not GonNa Count on. An events also helps make patient quiet law. It's definitely I definitely have more people who ally having coming committed to someone. You don't want person down down. He grabbed them at the people who they disliked the source of it. Is that bad time personally? Got Huge mentally out. This makes me feel happy. And he's kind of mad at the different many ways out for thirty minutes in the morning I find is a great way to stop it. I usually just tell myself no feel better. Don't I can't think of a room not going back until that so just just get out the door if I am going to be running in the evening from work just even looking to go out. Straightway put and that acts like a Q. Okay now I'm Gonna I'm gonNA running some dressed to get back and you sit down when you have a mortgage over the world to get you out the door and say that feeling very well regarded federal way setting the intention sure does a sport psychology term for it but to do something. And you've done it so many times. Just what happens next you go out and you do something somebody else? Is there anything particular that your set yourself as a challenge for next year? Yes don't like talking about overly of your list so it can be any new year's resolution one of my resolutions is usually more promised to my other half. Were not take on anything big next year. Alaska very lucky. Keep doing so yesterday's I shouldn't say yes to an an taking on more more next year. I'm just going to lead a more minimalist life and consolidate freer things. How long longer runs today? So that's the aim for next year and four cigar intention is to try and run the furthest. I've ever had one go so we'll see as well as a sport that you can keep doing that kind year shape a bit longer blokes control about. Why did you do it? Just keep doing it. I've been quite fortunate. I have seen improvements which helps improve. The knee gives you motivation to keep keep trying between stagnate or you for Colin. Go out for a few months and you you regress. It's difficult to get out again I do want to. This is the the mental side of the jury gives me that I will always just got out within thirty minutes. Out of the Moors feels great. Best therapy absolutely. I wish you will with your New Year's resolutions in today's world..

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