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It's yeah flipping back to burritos again. I think a lot of the. Hey in the rage tweeting. It has a lot to do his influenced by what we traded together if it was a just an swr. And that's it. I don't think a lot of people would be this upset about it but again seeing the way he pitched in. La did raise some eyebrows. At least for me. I was a little bit concerned But then again the washington game other than the first. It was terrible. It really wasn't it wasn't that bad it was serviceable i. I was surprised they pulled him. He's only thing so that's not everybody's saying that it's the five inning thing that that to me doesn't make any sense because it's not only a hundred pitches in five innings. He has to be pulled. They went now had. Yeah yeah because of the heat in the exhaustion. They went up and asked if you could give them anymore. He said he can't like he was done after the five innings there so i just wanna make sure you guys had no worries to that point. He was trying to benefit the team. In that point saying i got did point. I forget who came in right after him. He was fine. But then brad hand obviously happened the inning following that and i know if you guys saw i tweeted out but i had the thing from stepbrothers ray when he walks so puke and then i had after the josh bell home. Run the thing family guy where they drink the application and we're just puking everywhere. Let me see if i can find. I wou i forget who came in right. After burritos. One is the saucedo. Wasn't it don't it. i don't remember to pull it up. I just had a box to but anyway back to the burritos thing. Like i said if that's what happened differences absolute worried about it. This guy's been one of the best up and coming pitchers in baseball for the last two three years. Yeah yeah and we have them against or for another year and if people are going to be upset about it who'll man hold another year just to be upset about something sorry to hear about cyber. We agreed when we acquired them is like yes this. He could be as impactful as david price but not. He's not as good as david price. Like david price expense. You got another level. And i think that's what people expected from berea sin. We summed it up. He's very very similar. Performance wise to marcus stroman. He'll go out there and more often than not he'll pitch six maybe even seven innings of quality baseball but then there'll be times at time where he gets absolutely rocked and those were one of the time he got absolutely rocked. South people got calm down. A little bit goes absolutely rocked. Points are going to be in the next year a lot less than we are thinking like. I said there's something to him and he's put it together and some good stretches over the last two years that it's just it's this close to find that xp's and maybe maybe walkers that last piece. i don't know we'll see it was to meza. That came in was okay. I just remember who came in. After i was like ok. Things aren't too bad yet. We can still do this happen. We're back on top of the world and we have to lead four twelve minutes later. It was it was just when all wynalda shit all right..

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