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To go in, but for the people who live here, that is a temporary fix. Californians are being asked to conserve energy as the west swelters under a heat wave. Chris Warren with the weather channel. Excessive heat warnings, heat advisories in effect. Not only will there be triple digit heat, some of the overnight lows staying in the 80s. This is some dangerous heat with triple digits expected, even in Los Angeles, usually getting that cool water from the Pacific, not this time. 94°. The Justice Department is still challenging former president Trump's request for a special master to review classified documents seized by the FBI. CBS Robert ligure. The more salacious details from the Justice Department's filing about potential allegations of obstructing the investigation and the picture of the alleged classified material on the floor of Mar-a-Lago would not have come to light if the former president had not had filed the lawsuit in the first place. A disturbing new report shows sexual assaults in the military went up 13% last year. CBS David Martin reports. Since sexual assault is a notoriously underreported crime, The Pentagon also conducts a confidential survey of service members who have experienced unwanted sexual contact. Nearly 36,000 said they had. The stats are believed to be tied to the end of COVID restrictions on bases. More people are smoking weed than cigarettes. 16% of those surveyed in the Gallup poll said they currently smoke marijuana 48% said they have tried it at some point. The poll also found cigarette smoking has reached a record low of 11% among adults in America. That compares to 45% in the 1950s. Linda canyon, CBS News. And months after making abortions cheaper for women, California lawmakers have now voted to make vasectomies cheaper for men. If the governor signs it, California will become the 8th state to do this. This is CBS News. You need to hire fast and higher right, you need indeed. They're all in one hiring platform helps you attract interview and hire candidates efficiently. Visit indeed dot com slash credit. Ten O three now Wednesday, August 31st, 82°. Good evening, I'm an ELISA Gale, the top local stories we're following for you this hour. New this evening, a child in Montgomery county has suffered serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle that tried to pass a school bus. The public school bus was stopped along walker's choice road near the Lake force mall when the accident happened, Montgomery county police say the bus was dropping students off and had its red flashing lights activated when a driver went around the bus, hitting a 7 year old girl who was trying to cross. She was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police say the driver did stay on the scene. Melissa Howell WTO

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