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Mike McCann the countdown continues till Thursday's NFL draft the Bengals and Joe burrow looked like a marriage made in football heaven Redskins go second they're expected to take a dresser chase young then the lions and giants three and four ball clubs open to trading down with the dolphins and Chargers eager to land franchise quarterbacks how does it feel to hear your name and see your NFL future unfold the ravens took Notre Dame receiver miles Boykin your goal in the third round he told the Jim Rome show on CBS sports radio so excited you know I'll go out with my family I got the phone call it could appear stream I can hear what they're saying on the phone because they're all screaming but I I will do all of them you know adding up what later that week I had like three more days at home and I will out so go to rookie mini camp and you know how the rest is history I'm in a great place a great situation and I look at a Baltimore one of the top rated offensive lineman Buckeye victim of Louisville flag for a drug test at the combine according to NFL network we will see how that news impacts where and when he is taken a lot of baseball Phillies principal owner John Middleton telling the club's off field staff that no one will be laid off or have their pay cut through at least the end of may earlier Braves laid out a similar plan for their employees in his MLB looks for safe and sustainable way to start the twenty twenty season questions about whether the players will accept pay reductions if they have to play an empty ballparks number crunchers say that thirty percent of total revenue will be lost if no tickets are sold with a cascading losses from no food parking or souvenir sales for hockey the New York Post reporting the NHL now exploring completing the season by holding a twenty fourteen playoff in one or a few of the league series that avoided the worst of the pandemic and where the infection rate is declining and social distancing rules may be eased plan includes keeping players and staff isolated from the.

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