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More about these competitions but just before we do that One of the cool things with the the Tay Interface is that you can trade As you mentioned a little bit earlier directly by clicking on the ladder or the YUP clicking on the price levels think ladder is a is a tatum. That's something you can't do other crypto. Exchanges Right yes. Because you've got you will see some exchanges are coming out. Who are who may have copied not ladder because they know how popular it is and there's one in in in in testing right now but essentially the vast majority almost all don't have ladders and and what's good about ladder is that It's point and click. So you set your default sizes you can see wearing the orderbook. There are gaps so you can place orders or you can directly aggressive. Just take lift offers and you can cancel working orders and move where he orders by. Just dragging your mouse around the order. So you WANNA move it down three ticks you. You don't have to cancel the order like you do on any other exchange and reentry again here you just sort of you click highlights and you just drag it down the ladder itself. So it's very very reforest very easy to use and once you get used to the sort of you know dealing with it What's interesting is a spoke to a couple of our high frequency retail traders recently and they don't even have On their on their gooey anymore. They've just sort of deleted out. All they have is a huge groff fills a massive acid ladder the middle. Yeah I think.

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