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Offices. One call that's all sports desk. Here's great Matt. Sick, wholesome roster moves for the Packers in advance of tonight's game against the 40. Niners practice squad. Running back Dexter Williams is active. Same for safety Henry Black and cornerback Stanford Samuels. Wide receiver and he was armed linebacker Christian Kirksey remain out. Matt LaFleur will be on the sideline opposite his brother Mike, who's the 40, Niners quarterbacks coach and great friend and mentor, Kyle Shanahan, who's the head coach in San Francisco. I love my brother to death and same with Kyle, and he's like a brother to me, so I got a lot of respect for him. But at the same time, there's nothing more than what we want to do is go out there and get a win. Karen Jones a game time decision left tackle David Bachtiar e listed as questionable. Packers looking to bounce back after a sloppy performance against the Vikings in week eight. It is a great test for us. And we've got to see how resilient we are as a football team. We're facing a little bit of adversity. But how do we respond in those adverse times? I think that will speak volumes. Tio, who we are is Man and the character of our football team. Coverage of tonight's game begins at four o'clock with W T. M. J's opening drive. College basketball. Wisconsin Badgers senior forward Nate Rivers, one of 20 named to the watch list for the Karl Malone Award, given to the best power forward in the nation market. Golden Eagles Men's team begins the regular season November 25th. The men and women will play in arenas in Milwaukee. Without fans they will re evaluate after the games. Following 2020 Open. 2021 brings fans in the stands for Buck's games to John Looking more and more like the season is going to begin December 22nd. The Players Association, an MBA meeting today they could have a decision before the end of the week..

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