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I'm joy Nilsson. Your next report at six fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. Joyce. Thanks ten minutes in front of now. KRLD for Dr Marcus wet more who by the way plays. Good saxophone. Here is chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau off. Yeah. And show me next time. I play a heck of a triangle. Good. Yeah. Yeah. I'll give you my CD's ring or triangle need more. This morning. It's you. Might need a jacket a little white one fifty two fifty eight now on her way up into the upper eighties today in low nineties tomorrow, it'll be a windy day. Tomorrow out ahead of powerful storm system that will be a plaguing the mid west into the plain states in Italy side of the Rockies starting tomorrow evening. This looking Denver is going to be eighty degrees today and by Thursday morning. Heavy snow in twenty three with winds gusting fifty miles per hour, that's downright blizzard. And that's going to be plaguing the central plains states with over two feet of snow between tomorrow night and Friday morning. Our weather we're on the warm side of it. Now cooler behind the front I front on Thursday that'll job temperatures in the mid sixty s for highs on Thursday and Friday, and then a second system farther severly system will bring us widespread rain on Saturday morning through late afternoon low to mid fifties. That's it. And then another system brings us another cold front rather and calls us down only into the low sixties for Sunday with decreasing clouds so little bit of everything the next five days right now at fifty nine that care L D. Indepth coverage of the top stories and breaking news when it happens. Newsradio. Ten eighty KRLD. Fifty one now. Uber driver in California has been arrested after burglarizing two homes one of which belong to a couple that.

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