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Welcome back. I've got dr kathleen smith on the line. Dr welcome to the show. Thank you you can just call me. Kathleen i'm happy with that quantity at least give you your title and then from there. We'll go from there so that's awesome so great to have you on the show. He wrote a book a little while ago and During this time of this recording we're in the middle of a pandemic and the title of your book and what it's about is amazing and it's the message that i think a lot of people need to hear so sheriff's a little bit about your the book and some things you've discovered after releasing it. Yes so the name of the book is everything isn't terrible conquer your insecurities interrupting zayed's and finally calmed down and came out at the beginning of this year. And little. did i know that. I already seemed. It was going to be an anxious year. But i had no idea how anxious it would be for so many people and you know i'm a therapist i Have a practice in dc. And i am trained in a theory called in theory which is Sort of a family systems way of thinking or a relationship way of thinking about anxiety. And i wanted to write a book that i could give to my therapy clients. You know because i live in. Dc have over achieving clients. They always want homework and things turn. And i wanted a book that kinda summarize the theory. I was trained in in a way that's acceptable in narrative and is not to to academic to it at the same time and so you know. The book is just stories of various clients. That i've worked with obviously details are changed to protect their identity. But just what it looks like to to grow up slowly and calm down slowly over time because that's the only way it happens anxieties Thing that challenges so many people And even in quote unquote normal times anxiety can be really problematic..

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