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California, Social Media, Robbery discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood


Whittle lights dr drew kabc news is live and local at one thirty california's trying to prevent people from committing crimes for the purpose of their actions being shared on social media shooting video of a crime for the purpose of internet likes will now be considered when determining someone's criminal sentence and pies noor is the reason behind jordan's law the unprovoked attack on his then a 14yearold son in west hails back in december 2016 was found on a smartphone and shared on social media be consequences an instruction and guidance on our knees but in our and now for kids especially the law applies to violent crimes like murder rape robbery and assault james rojas kabc news the bitter cold that continues to grip much of the eastern you united states is now blamed on nine deaths today the national weather service issued a winter storm watch from massachusetts to north florida that's area expected to be blanketted with wind driven snow and ice main could get a foot of snow and hurricane force winds and hit 45 degrees below zero yesterday in the town of embarrass minnesota un ambassador nikki haley says the united states is calling for the united nations security council and un human rights council to hold emergency sessions regarding the antigovernment protests in iran which have left at least twenty one people dead haley also urged the rest of the world to support the iranians who are demanding greater economic and political freedoms iranian physicians are taken to the streets to protest the oppression we must not be silent the people of iran.

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