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Of baggage i i wish we had been in discussions with china ten fifteen twenty years ago about really the only long term solution here's the reunification of the peninsula under essentially under south korean control uh i haven't given up on that but it's very late in the game i mean the the problem is kim john nine and his regime the north korea we face people with the opposite objective they they want to reunite the korean peninsula under the kim's family dictatorship and i think they're uh quest for nuclear weapons is a central part of that strategy are far more educated is on this entire situation obviously than than me or anybody in my listening audience but what what puzzles me is is why china will step in and do something what what is the the draw of north korea to chadha because north korea that is career doesn't supply china with anything does it now i think it's a historical reflects action kind of thing and i think china also fears that if the north korean regime collapse uh they would have a flood of refugees coming into china and they probably find us south korean troops on the all the river uh which we've had plans to do in the event of regime collapse in the north for a long time uh i think there's a deal here we don't really wanna station american troops on the yellow river we don't really wanna be on the 38 parallel where they've been for so many years uh but but these are complicated questions and as i said a moment ago if we'd started this discussion uh a decade or more ago we mice nike close to an answer now i still think it's worth the try because i think the question you're asked why doesn't china sea that it's in their interest not to have a nuclear north korea is exactly the question i don't think you isn't china's national interest but they just they haven't gotten themselves to understand that young see you have talked me well over the years and bazargan that's all i can tell you that's why i i've starting together but i'd i don't understand and uh i i i'm not sure the chinese do either uh but uh we shall see in the all induced keep our fingers crossed and and uh.

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