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And I know it's the third rail a bit, but given who this owner is and his relationship with the political climate in this country and him being the new age owner, I wonder if this would be the one team that would maybe give Colin Kaepernick try out, and that would say if Collin even two years out of football if he could come in and be at least compete with Taylor heineke. But I don't think you have a lot of options because any quarterback that's available is going to want a multi year deal. And the Panthers are not in position to give any quarterback a multi year deal when they have Cam Newton. I think in being a great point as far as cap, I don't think you're just throwing it in there. Because if you look at it, if they do the same thing they did with Edry, Eric ry. They were down several safeties in realize, well, they had him on their board as a potential player when the safeties end up getting hurt they needed them. So they went to their board. His name was right there on the board. So they brought him in and the stance hit made for the anthem. It wasn't part of the conversation. Talk into the coaching staff. It was about football. And right now at Cam has injury. Is there a guy that is Cam Newton issue that has played in the Lee none better than Colin Kaepernick. So if they do have the same board if they're still getting their players the same way, I know all these teams get players, then Colin Kaepernick name will be mentioned in this off season with Cam Newton in watching his rehab, and the only reason I brought up the political side of it is just the own the new owner of the Panthers has publicly feuded with the president. And so we know that the president has had negative comments about cap that I think had maybe chilling effect for a lot of the owners that are tight with the president with Dave Tepper that would almost have the reverse impact that it might for a Jerry Jones or a Bob or the late Bob McNair who had close relationships with the press. Let's take a break coming up. Cox. Cowboys can Jason gear. Bring a super. Bowl back to Dallas. He'd have to stay. There do with that is next month persons. I. On January twenty six undefeated welterweight world champion Keith Thurman squares off against pose sec-. Lopez PBC on FOX live from Barclay center..

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