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In front of you. Fire pulsing from inside of its school. To shoot through one of its is I was GONNA say, don't they already have fire coming out of their eyes or fire this? Color fire fire for the Fire God. It's still your go cold for the cold thrown. Yes Yeah So I can do my second attack in a haystack right. Get Yeah, but that second one's not gonNA hit. I'm not even do the map because I know it's. My Haystack. New. Thirteen! Fourteen Fourteen Walnut Street. Oh food sad, lynch it. Fares already done a great deal in this battle. Hasten the party. Of Open All right so. Because I have a fourteen acrobatics could probably get into the flank with crucible real easily, but then he'd be the one and blocking the door with our. How squishy are you I? Mean I have a nineteen eighty. Twenty right now we're hated. squish all right. I'll just swing at the closest one to me then she's so disappointed. Disappointed I can't play, too. Because I need my sneak attack Iral and eleven for a twenty-five to head twenty-five will strike your target, and I do eleven points of damage. My second, my second swing role seventeen, which is just one shy of rolling a critical, and that's twenty six to hit twenty six. We'll strike your target. I only do six point damage and my haste swing I roll a fourteen. When she was twenty, eight, twenty, eight will strike a target. For Ten points damage. Still. Damage output goes way down when I'm not flanking. Moved insecure could have moved over one and then Israel could have taken the brunt some hits, and then it would have been fine. SQUISHY! The only problem with that plan. Is that Israel goes after the ice for all yet, but I don't and Israel's right behind me like five thousand like diagonal wall. Too late now Antonina. So regardless stuff from there. We go to the Viper. Is Pretty Acrobatic. He's spry for an old guy. Pretty spry for an old guy. I was thinking the same thing, so glad y'all do because that's why said it took? Nice. But I can't always be the one making the nineties jokes. With the thirty two and hey speed, so he'll rush forward slide under the legs of the one next to crucible pop up behind spin and swing with Khukri. Stab it the twenty, nine hundred a swing which. Hey Sneeze Lorden. Is the vibration humming while he's doing this. Just look at this and other day. Cashier bouncing an awful lot of dice. Thirty four points of damage. Nice, actually the one that Israel hip previously. So thirty four points damage, it'd be nice twenty nine points of damage, so he hops up, kicks off the wall and rams his cookery into the back of this things head as it collapses into the ground. She's so. I start with whichever one looks injured. If it's injured at all wolf. Wolf did one of the at thirty six to. Thirty thirty-six will strike your target. The Scopus Yes Seventeen damage. This is going to be punching. decided to vary it up, so this is okay. Because really what's what's driving this party's damage down so much as the damage reduction. True is a reliably hitting these things but twenty nine. Twenty nine will strike your target. And of course. Multiple targets and none of us are really like blast. E folks strict. Fifteen damage. Wizard! So That's fully effective. And then I'm going to cope passionate again. Twenty seven to hit. Twenty seven will strike your target for fifteen damage, bringing the skeleton down as a collapses into dust then I'll punch the other one. Within that one? And then I'm GONNA use my. Pace attack to punch one more time. Twenty eight to hit. The twenty eight will strike your target. Or ten damage minimum damage. But still all of that goes through so trip, yeah. Bringing us from cigarette is ever all right I'll just keep blading. The one that I was bleeding earlier. The one that you're attacking previously already gone down. Is your got it? Oh okay. Yep. There's still one behind you. Okay I'll go ahead and swing it that one start with flame late attack. Hey, twenty, four to touch twenty four will strike your targets tic-. Sorry! Twenty five I'm hated anyway. So twenty five touches it for a total of ten points of damage. Nice does a fourteen fifteen touch it fifteen. Has Your targets such as? For nine point, two fire-damage, another solid blow and then haystack. Eighteen to touch so. Eighteen, we'll hit your targets Taisei. Four for eight points of fire damage to sort of lightsaber. This thing Jews. Very effective round brings us the eyes of RAW. This whole tripping thing doesn't seem to be working. Fine now the stabbing begins in earnest to secure killed the one that dropped its co Pash, the other one will pick up its COPA, provoking the attack of opportunity from Zephyr who's just been pounding away at it with his frigging Lightsaber, anyway sure. It's. Probably did so twenty six. Nice, that'll hit. For Ten points a Fire Day Nice for down in a blaze of black own as collapses. Beating with your lightsaber. I Love Nice. And a front to step. That's for sure. Stress You, that is very true. Two of them will tech the viper. He's not impressed by that. With a twenty two and a twenty five, neither of which were hit hauser's to attack Israel. Maybe. Seventeen nope and twenty two. On the nose on the nose because of haste. Sad. Sad does manage to strike her for seven points of damage. One of the moves up and attacks Wolf. The other one moves up in it or the other one stands its ground zero. Air. Eighteen against we'll know eighteen Aguirre nope. Melanie back. that's a twenty even. Twenty seven. Both of those will hit me. I don't GonNa have to save her maybe with my kitty. No, let's either end of the spectrum four points of damage from the first eleven from the second row. Oh. That's from. Your kind of chipping away at plan chat. She's got twenty nine hip bleeding everywhere back here. How did you? How did you looking? Looking, great. Appreciate that it's like the entire. Party just congress around the door. And then there's like six skeletons, and there's plan chess on.

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