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This is Charlie Turner in New York. Apple has become the US's first, one trillion dollar company. Apple is kind of lead the way of five, enormous tech companies that are really reshaping the American economy and the global economy. We'll talk about apple and that amazing milestone with the Wall Street Journal's trip. Mickle, I hear some top news headlines, the nation's economy continues to produce more solid job growth, albeit at a cooler pace. The government said, one hundred fifty. Seven thousand jobs are added to nonfarm payrolls in July, which was less than expected. The jobless rate ticked down to three point, nine percent from four percent in June on the wage front. Average hourly earnings, rose, three tenths percent from the prior month. Th to twenty seven, oh five slightly better than forecast. But Lizanne Sanders of Charles Schwab says wage growth is not keeping up with inflation just about every measure of inflation. Both at the headline level and at what they call the core level, excluding Navarre little food and energy components are now above on a year over year basis. The pace of wage growth, which means real wage growth has dipped back into negative territory. Wages grew a modest two point, seven percent from your earlier. China's said it would slap levies on sixty billion dollars of US products. If Washington moves ahead with its tariff threats against Beijing, in a statement issued late Friday, China's cabinet said the government is preparing to impose duties at levels of twenty five percent, twenty percent, ten percent and five percent on more than five thousand American goods. The Trump administration has threatened to more than double its own proposed tariffs on Chinese imports. The US trade deficit expanded in June at the fastest pace since November two thousand sixteen. Driven by a stronger dollar and buoyant economic growth. The Commerce Department said the trade gap in goods and services increased seven point, three percent in June from the previous month, exports fell seven tenths percent for may while imports into the US rose, six tenths percent on the month as he imposed import tariffs, President Trump has repeatedly said the trade deficits are assigned US industries are losing out to foreign rivals. Coming up apple, the trillion dollar company. This is what's news from the Wall Street Journal. Welcome back on Thursday. Apple became the first US company to top one trillion dollars in market value. The Wall Street Journal says, this underscores the iphone makers explosive growth as well as Apple's role in the tech industry is growing influence in the global economy and markets trip. Mickle covers apple for the Wall Street Journal and joins us from San Francisco trip. A one trillion dollar market cap is an amazing chievements..

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