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Our scripture today proverbs sixteen the heart of a man plans as ways but the order step which is just steps Washington Irving says great minds have purposes others have wishes folks if you listen to this long enough you here the show long enough and you listen the debt free screams long enough you find there's two types of people with money my mother is a lot of times people will people fall largely into two buckets there's the bucket of people who are doing their debt free scream they are happening to their money the other bucket of people as the people the money happens to them Dr Steven Covey used to say in his book the seven habits of highly effective people the number one habit of highly effective people as they are pro active they happened to things everything doesn't happen to them you make the assumption that we can't control all the external variables in our life but we are largely in charge of our own destiny are we stand back and shake our head in wonder why everything bad happens to us you either tell your money what to do or you wonder where it went money flows from people who do not manage it to look people who do manage it if you take someone who manages money well and as a result has become wealthy and they lose everything they will become wealthy again because the things that made them wealthy that did not leave when the money left and when you take someone who does not manage money well and they're given a pile of money have you ever notice they end up with nothing because they don't happen to their money their money happens to them case in point Lotto winners someone wins the lottery the bankruptcy rate is four fold the national average four times as likely to file bankruptcy if you win the lottery as not isn't that weird the vast majority of Lotto winners a decade later have nothing because the very thing that cause them to play the Lotto in the first place is give you an indication that you're gonna lose it watch some athletes when they get money end up with nothing because they had the only skill they've got is athletic skill they had no character no ability to manage the money no ability to say no no building to have good relationships and boundaries those are the things that will lead you to build wealth and so well this an intentional act the bad stuff can happen to people and sometimes people are poor because people are oppressing them I understand that I'm not picking on the poor that's not what I'm doing but what I am saying is is that sometimes you're where you are because of a series of decisions you might as a matter of fact usually you're where you are then you can make new decisions you don't have to well my family the way I grew up in my neighborhood might people those are house since the start when people are gonna explain why they're losing it's not their fault the little man K. good ahead people like me you don't understand about the isms that are out there yeah I do isms are real they're real but I mean people every day overcome their isms sexism racism will overcome their isms all the time hard work hustle sh March looking forward controlling the destiny is can everybody do it everybody can do it but most people choose not to they choose not to control the variables in their life and so it comes down to something as simple and and personal finances doing a budget when you do a budget it is you exercising the fact that you believe you control your destiny if you're if you're a victim of destiny why would you ever do a budget if you're if you're gonna be controlled by an ism if you're going to be controlled by the way you grew up if you're gonna contribute control but people in my family people of my heritage people of my ethnic background people of you fill in the blank if you're gonna be controlled by that I this I grew up on the other side of the tracks Dave most millionaires did by the way the vast majority of millionaires grew up on the other side of the tracks the only difference on them in the next door neighbor the still on the other side the directions they decide that they wanna live there so they pick their bottom up and they moved to the other side of the tracks they live like no one else so that later they could live in give like no one else consequently we see things like the five million families that have been three financial peace university you know what the number one data point between them being successful are the ones that are successful going through that getting out of that the ones that aren't the number one data point.

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