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Michael the why why would i gave a tumor widen why didn't you if they had to our number you know it was just one of those things are like no i just bought this it was a jacket oh remember the starter jackets bandaranaike gap one of those so you're just walking down the street and say hey boy give me that pretty much while anyway third me out of said yes you are you can have another carlos peralta just tweeted in sch mike trudeau at shape internet trudell versus thompson in a they showed each other picture of yvonne drago against rocky yeah and yet drago is almost a foot taller that rocky and much bigger but if you recall rocky won the fight baby as july remember when mohammad ali and we'll chamber was talking about finding ali sort of like me and you how tim was in almost a foot tall and ali and he was talking about he could be because he had to reach on him and until they met face to face in ali told looked at chamber went he just basing said tim moore in adjame when change is mine well above egal's odd says just bodywork inside that takes away his lengthy hits the sides and hips and hit the size and had my hip us below the belt that's the illegal because i'm going to have my belt over on my chest all right well we'll see if this fight ever happened so i'm saying it's unlikely michael you could be the great white hope some potential news on russell westbrook and the extension that you have a bet with keyshawn johnson look amos i said once they put the extension for of westbrook.

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