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The place where you are engaging your higher order break in other words when you're in the middle of the storm it's not the time to rearrange the furniture in your house thank you that ninety five point five WSW SP news time six elevenths feel it more people I talk to we we even having trouble deciding what day of the week it is or what what what calendar days it is Wednesday April first it is technically national census date though the deadline's been extended to August there's also national walking day go for a stroll ms six feet apart WSP role district militiamen just live once again we'll have a nice day to get out and do that yeah not bad at all Scott a little brisk out there mostly sunny well breezy at times highs fifty nine north sixty three south lows tonight thirty eight to forty one tomorrow sunny high sixty eight and on Friday mostly sunny high seventy five lows forty seven to fifty one recover your forecast for today mostly sunny breezy times and cool high around sixty one temperatures around the area right now Alpharetta Kennesaw Marietta Lawrenceville all report forty two forty three on Peachtree street I'm meteorologist Kirk Wallace ninety five point five W. espys banks at six twelve back on top of the morning drive now what's going on or because please difficult three sixty westbound at hurricane grill for you at your headquarters or field forty five got a quick but as we crossed over the cab county really overwhelmed by park here one rising from the southern suburbs violence seventy five six seventy five eighty five delay free nor to the airport downtown connector still find right north and south pay between Langford parkway intense street growing cabbage leaves become a doctor elder Guatemala G. as being part of a community reach out changing world will change your own unbound dot org triple team traffic ninety five point five W. SP a list of those that this might help Los Angeles restaurants that have turned into dining rooms of the ad hoc corner markets they're selling pantry staples dry goods and more to stay afloat amid a forced shut shut down to the LA times in the health department Los Angeles as they can continue to do so for takeout or delivery so Los Angeles.

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