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Threatening age with a good time. She's like, so I'll see you in the kitchen of six, right? A little fun time the kitchen, it's six, which is you know, it's really I mean, it's hilarious to us. But it's also like Adrian, I hope you take notes because this is basically what you're doing to Laura every single time every single he kinda likes it. He does. He's like. Yeah. I mean, she's hot. She reminds me of my first girlfriend who is Peruvian had a big bosom bed. Unfortunately, she's married to Tony soprano. So that's like the only person who's like loving loving the attention. You know? So then so Ross's with captain Lee, and there's some bad weather coming in. So it was like came to brain a slide and all the time cut them it. So they're bringing all the stuff and Ross's like all right toil. You bring in the slide and Nash, and you bring the jet ski and Raleigh. Here's a tissue bounce the tissue up and down and make it look like a little ghost and be like yards. Like stealing. And then we get another good little porn scene where Ross is like multiples and hawed and ashes like gross his bowl shrivel up. When a stone's coming me. Me. Hey, royally. How's that tissue going? How's it going on the lift down lift up lift downs? Dammit ross. That tissue ready. It's needs to be ready to take a light. Like, she's a to load, baron tissue Dolan. All right Riley. What I need you to do got this Costa on Egypt brings us upstairs and put onto someone's drink. And then come back downstairs to see it again say it again Ross so Laurie on the chef Laura's complaining because she has to dance because they're going to do this big to Houston dance thing the cast and then Ross is. Riley is still so fuming at Rossa goes the rashes like where would you like me? He's like you can go. We don't whatever we don't need you. She's like I'm over at Tyler has no experience on both. And now he's above me. You know, I don't respect these guys because I don't give me the respect I deserve which I mean, I can see, but I can't wait to see this explicit. But this is one of those things that's exploded so many times. Yeah. It's like amny time. Can you be at the great Geezer Yellowstone before you like steam coming out of the ground? Yeah. Fun. So so Helen is now getting ready for her big moment big moment in the kitchen. She's like in these high heels her her tits are like out to get a bra out. I like going in for the full Adrian seduction bra under a under a blazer this like a license of like Mylar contraption. So she's just like. She's up there helping Adrian chop cauliflower, and she's like dinners how unwind the intimation of what's to come later on that can be amazing experience. You know what I'm saying? I'm saying he's just like it's so gross. Yeah. I'm a bit of a hectic chef and she's like, that's okay. I need like. Okay. So right now, I'm making cream celery. Why would you make something creamed? Why like at this point, you're egging her on, you know? It's. He probably thought that by merely mentioning Serling salary that her lady Boehner Michael down. Yeah. But he creamed it it's like a phallic vegetable this creams like thanks so now Ashton downstairs writing the script with the big show. He's like or he's what I've won't want it to be sitting in on perhaps and is very pretty lady..

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