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That report. So apparently that now it's sound that sounds like a joke to me. But apparently it's true. Showtime is revealed Dexter's new on the job name. Name tag on Twitter on That's his fake new names. New identity, His new identity. Jim Lee. Yeah, because he can't be you know a corner. Dexter anymore because he's a wanted serial killer. So he has to work in a bait shop. Big shots just here you go. Yeah. I don't get a lot of action out here. I don't see a lot of people would like the seclusion. All right, Dexter Morgan. But it hasn't calmed the spirit inside me. I'm just start passenger car passenger. Sorry, Doctor. I'm just upset that angel won't be on the show hated our character. Weather traffic. Well, you won't hate the weather for days. I think if you're into Sonny and eighties if that's your jam well, you'll be jamming for days and days and days, so there's your weather. Traffic. We've got a medical situation, blocking the left lane of the on ramp from 2100 north to go north Dallas 15, namely high traffic is very congested on the ramp. Um Just looks like it's just affecting the ramp, though not necessarily affecting the flow of traffic crash westbound I 80 at mile post 100. This is one mile east of two illa. Left lane is closed there. Had a crash north down Redwood Road at Porter Rockwell Boulevard in Bluffdale. And friends of the program. Yes, saying I 80 west in Lake 800.3 car pile up. Slow down, people. I agree with you people. Um, If you see something you wanna tell people to slow down, Get.

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