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And marathon antiwest stab not reporting at all any winds at the time for the time being and maybe for the next week or so to see hurricane warnings for eighteen million people all up and down the florida coastline to towards georgia we have hurricane warning up towards valdosta albany georgia and then we have for the first time in history a tropical storm warning for atlanta georgia so that's historic for them they remember hurricane opal that brought devastating floods and wins this could bear very similar for the folks in georgia now her our wind field as i mentioned eighty miles away from the center of the storm that's where we're feeling the hurricaneforce wind guys two hundred and twenty miles from the center of the storm tropical storm form force win so we are definitely going to feel a hurricane for much of the peninsula florida and even into georgia which is quite unheard of at this time tornado threat i know rip was talking about this earlier today we're going to continue to see the tornado threat on the north east quadrant side of the storm so that's going to be ongoing throughout the day today we actually have a tornado warning storm i forget zoom in my apologies the can't around the fort pierce area at tornado tornado warn storm this is our future rate are we actually might see multipple landfalls of this hurricane as it scraped the coastline so there's tampa and this is two am overnight on monday and we're expecting the worst part of that storm surge unfortunately to go into the tampa bay area that's why folks are very concerned and then towards cedar key and then towards tallahassee and this is eleven am on monday and then we'll see you know the affects moving into georgia alabama up towards the tennessee for valley and into kentucky storm surge you've heard us talk about this very vulnerable area more vulnerable the east coast of florida so in some cases this could be a worst case scenario at ten to fifteen feet is going to inundate all of these little areas that are low lying below sea level on some cases and the tampa bay area certainly could a c upwards of ten feet and that's why they are so concerned.

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