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Me the colts took a quarterback in the draft colts quarterback in the draft because Chris Ballard never wants you to actually understand what the bloody world is going on in that brain of this no that's that's unnecessary let the mad doctor work just sit back and enjoy Tony Katz ninety three W. why BC good morning add a whole bunch of pics of from the colts trades for picks especially in that six round Quincy Wilson traded to the New York Jets for the two hundred eleventh pick up overall and then we picked to eleven to twelve and two thirteen we started with nothing in that first round pick on to the second round getting Michael Pittman university of southern California thirty fourth pick overall we then took the forty first pick and we went to running back and that's what he said okay well this is going to get interesting you pick up Roosevelt Nix the full back who's meant to just to turn people into road kill that's his job right if they somehow get past quite Nelson they run it's rose up next it's not gonna be a good day love a lot of guys gonna get rather rather but bruised up and then you've got Marlon Mack multiple thousand yard seasons and they were like you know we we need more I don't know if you're Marlon Mack you're like well my one and done I've got one more year and that's it I guess or if you're like if it gets me super ball I don't really care but you added wide receiver components you've clearly is said okay fill up you where we're giving you everything you need to take the load off you a little bit honestly this this offense is the wait we're taking the load off **** we're just going to hand the ball off here crazy blocking up front let Philip rivers still throw the ball like you can and then I mean we also picked up our ball state guard again the Danny printer which I always love it when we get the the Indiana guys fourth round a hundred twenty second pick we pick up Washington quarterback Jacob Eason which is I I I don't I don't know right now my job to know but I don't know he also Chad Kelly on this list you've got Philip rivers you've got to cover set now the question is is Jacoby percent immediately on the trading block is there something and get friend is Chad Kelly is there something you're going to get from him is Jacob Eason a development project will partially he's got to be a development project right there's no other way for us to go Hey Tony aren't you are like a like a news and politics kind of guiding culture when he was all the sports I'm sorry I'm fascinated by the draft absolutely fascinating you want the story on coronavirus I'll give it to you I have no idea what number I'm supposed to trust them with data I'm supposed to trust us trust absolutely not and neither do you and I can't tell you whether or not that's the way the people want I'll tell you this much anybody thinks president trump told you doing just bleach isn't allowed to watch my children is allowed in my home because there is a difference between the ridiculous nature what trump said and the absolute damaging purposefully ignorance of what the media has done a rising calls about people injecting believes the rise in calls about all sorts of things have to do with disinfectants because people think it's going to just to kill groan of ours in some cases it does and they're asking questions arise specifically about the calls regarding bleaches reason dot com put it now injection I should say as there are rising calls in general there seem to be more calls because more people are asking about disinfectants or is it a long local media has done here we take a look at the numbers and we're going to remind the governor Eric Holcomb Sir how are you I know you listen you don't have to worry about it it may not be him someone on his staff listen twenty four seven it's time to open up it's time to open up and for those people who think that a crisis is a good time to question the liberty society right who we are as a people the constitution and maybe it causes us to change the digital future allow me to laugh you but it is that conversation that lets me say that tells me that a lot of what's being put out there isn't for us to have information it's to build narrative building narrative on a pandemic eight we something special Tony Katz ninety three WIBC good morning.

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