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The court I have found that the most mind blowing thing when people press charges on something, they can just easily forget like you're wasting your time your in great quality David. Quotes such a normal quality that people don't say. You're right. That's cool. It's like what is going to be of value to write energy into. We are Jason's really good, really good out. Especially time me like. Why are you upset about? This is the stupidest thing that'd be pissed about. Right. Reacting I think that's awesome. You probably get this all the time. What do you like doing better, the podcast or the I love? That actually. Nobody really asked that I love doing both, but I also hate doing both. SHARE ANYTHING LEISURE Something, be, you can find hate them both. Yeah, but now I don't mean to be flip about it because the both of them give me different degrees of satisfaction and frustration. Up when you're, you know, just let something go or not really care too much about something just. FLIPPANT is you don't care about something. Decent I didn't know whether I should like respond to lose. It sounds like an inside thing. We David about things he doesn't know. Yes we. We tease him about words sometimes that he doesn't know. That's all Madagascar. Place right or is there something more to it I'm familiar with. It's a little league. Ben Stiller and dig. Geography skill I'm supposed to be asking good at states. I'm good at geography. Wait wait. You said that with a lot of swagger. I can get like twenty of the states right Sumi. Just states names or capital capitals Cabral's. You're looking at you like of course capitals. I can name all the states. Okay. Let's go Vermont Vermont. Is that Richmond? Wow. No. Margaret, News, what is it? Richmond Virginia the capital of Virginia. The capital is I. Don't know how to match up with the state's. Thanks for having me on the state. This portion of the podcast I'm so happy. Thank you so much for educating us..

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