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From ABC news. I'm taught at a man on the F. B. I.'s most wanted list for his alleged part in in nineteen eighty five airplane hijacking is now in custody in Greece and awaits extradition to the U. S. the sixty five year old suspected hijacker received a life sentence in Germany but was paroled fourteen years later and returned to Lebanon he was caught on a cruise ship that landed on a Greek island former FBI agent then ABC news consultant Brad Garrett recalls the hijacking thirty four years ago this is a seventeen day for deal where you had a lot of passengers they killed one US navy's servicemen. saying that they're trying to confirm the man's identity Saudi Arabia investigating the attack last week and on the country's largest oral processing plant and says it will quote build its response and what it finds Saudi minister of state for affairs Adel al Jubeir said Saturday that it is that they are conferring with its diplomatic friends and allies to protect the economies of all civilized nations the challenges that we're facing now. call for enhancing security cooperation between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its allies and partners in order to ensure the future in order to ensure no disruptions to the supply of energy to the wall so that the world economy is not negatively impacted new details are emerging about the phone call at the center whistle blower report from inside the White House the administration is pushing back on reports that the president pressure the leader of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival the whistle blowers main allegation is basically that president trump past in this one phone call back in July for the president of Ukraine to engage his intelligence services to dig up what dirt they could on hunter Biden who was serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company back when Joe Biden was vice president ABC's David Wright reporting from the White House and hotel magnate Barron Hilton has died he was ninety one you're listening to ABC news. did you take a hundred dollars and throw eighty of it away if you're taking drug store vitamin tablets that's exactly what you're doing because eighty percent of those tablets are not being absorbed hi I'm not sure how the doctor Dennis black creator of Texas super food many of you take Texas Hebrew daily and feel great but some people tell us they just.

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