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Founded a company called Champion Minerals, which today's over a billion dollar market cap. We're back at it with the Lord's list. We're in a very unique situation. We had two projects and world class jurisdictions. One in Bolivia and which neighboring country Peru way are about to commence with amazing underground drilling campaign at this Gradiska we believe it's a collapsed volcano. It has all the earmarks of major tonnage at Bolivia. You have the Cerro Rico, the largest silver mine ever recorded with 2.5 billion ounces of silver produced to date in through We have Newman for the South there, Barrett first quantum and that we Should be grilling again in October at our Sam Mark Ito let Victoria project in most simple Peru and our focus is basically just stick to building asset growth building resources as quickly as possible. And then that's what we like about these targets. We have silver gold, zinc, lead copper 10 bismuth in India a full smorgasbord of metals, even if they're at the lower range of their about things whatsoever, a man so it's actually also reap Wall Street. Do you know where your money is? Welcome to financial issues where we align reality with truth. Conservative talk radio. You can count on financial issues that you need to know. Well preserved for our Children. This is the last best hope of Man on earth or will sentence them to take the last step into 1000 years of darkness way will simply apply the government that common sense that we all use in our daily lives. Now, here's your host, Dan Celia. I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound..

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