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If i had been doing the same thing you can't say that now it's a lot more private now. you can. What you gonna facebook and you talk photos like by mark reynolds and they all come up. Did you mark now. But i should indeed mark mark reynolds like. Oh what a good chance of cat. this is mark. yeah seriously you that now. I don't believe you sure you show me later. I look if you from what you about said. If you share the same pass guide. I think that just chose it. You guys have healthy relationships and maybe artist have no idea. Because i'm single and have no idea and it's the same passcode so that means that it's not like i'm thinking my perspective looking in is like passcode issue is like if someone is trying to get into your foreign. They're trying to look at things they shouldn't be looking at. That's completely wrong. You're talking about like he was saying they're going into your fine raisins that have nothing to do with that but the thing is like i'll leave my phone. Unintended with her for an hour. Why go have a shar go do something in the garage or whatever and if it goes off it goes off. There's not one thing that's gonna panic me laughing it garage hans clean and then go in there and think about. How much handyman could be. If i mean just for just for listeners out there are no you. There's some people that might be listening in the thinking. I have my partners past card. And i'm wanting that passcode for raisins that you guys aren't even talking about messages. The search history like is my boyfriend slash go slash wives looking at poll. And if you're thinking about it is what is the porn. I if you're worried about what's going on on your husbands boyfriends girlfriends fine. That's a red flag red flag already and it could be a red flag with you. It means you're insecure or you'd have no trust or they've done something to break you trust and i don't know if that can last let's say of just got a flood of vice book friend requests and register who who rural these sixty european blonde requesting recon facebook. She open stop and they look so beautiful. Touch me that russia is in a neat little trick. He did then. Well didn't spill any. You actually save half of a half hand very but anyway back to the rushing us. How many do you get a dire awake. Not so many but on a you get. I'll probably let's be one every day one one every day And especially lately like three or four weeks ago. Maybe one week that the last couple of days. They've been really hitting up. So i'm gonna hot list. Webcam come get me from russia to social media background as you know i get a get one day and every time every time. Sure enough or click on. I am in guy. Maybe maybe today they're going to be a genuine person sure enough twenty four seven like webcam sex not again and you wonder where these photos are coming from. These laws must be searching. You don't think about that girl that innocent girl with the display pitcher. What if she would say that. Her photo was being used to like trying. It's fact isn't it. How do you know that it's not on the webcam. Have you signed up a few odd disciple. Label.

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