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Would have been using the ipad for everything but i don't i still use my mac for a lot of things now i have been trying more in recent months to use the ipad for some for writing stuff i'll take it and bike down to the coffee shop near my house and i like how light it is i can carry with it and to mike is point it was the smart keyboard which really turned me around because i've tried a bunch of external bluetooth keyboards and keyboard cases and all that and i found them all kind of clunky in making the device heavier to the point that was like why don't i just take my macbook air which is not a heavy computer in the first place so a lot of times i still end up falling back to my mac for a lot of the other work that i do just because of the apps that i have there and the the sort of customization personalization that i have in my in my mac so i'm struggling to fit entirely into my workflow but i've i've make an effort to make an effort so six years later i like to think every you're capable of doing everything there's very little that i feel like i can't do if i really need to on ipad it's just that i prefer using my members of the time probably the most surprising way that i use my mobile device is that i use my iphone for live blogging and this is particularly surprising because i have pretty serious repetitive strain in trees so i had to quit doing any kind of deadline reporting especially if it involves a laptop in the late nineties so it's been like ages since i've done deadline reporting but when i got involved in local school politics here in portland i started live blogging meetings the kind were big decisions happen but like nobody is there to witness it and i her using my iphone and i realized i could type really quickly on the on screen keyboard using my thumbs which are not injured so it was really exciting for me to be able to get to do this thing that i haven't been able to do in so long and blog through facebook there's a big community that follows the blog and i'm able to take pictures of documents notes on white ports in addison right away so for me it's it's surprising because you would think or i would think at least that the iphone i never would have expected that i would use my iphone like that and it's given me the ability because it's so different organic ly to these things that i really enjoy that i that i haven't been able to do on my mac 'cause i injured myself using the mac so might unexpected use foot it is interesting six years later to see how we are just using you never really know it's actually what's going to happen with the device we can guess when they come out but it's it really takes a few years before we see that there may be ways to use it that we hadn't even thought of before to schedule for six years from today yes well until then it looks like we have reached the end of the show but before we do we've got just enough time for a bonus question but before we.

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