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With the one and only R. J. J. Goes Down September twelve, I. Will Watch it i. have no idea what. What trailer is I'm glad it's going to be available on regular pay per view. It's Mike. Tyson. It's Roy Jones, I don't think fifth year olds should be boxing. I. Hope they don't punch each other in the head, but it sounds like they will sorta maybe I don't know a weird time and it's been a weird year and so here we are Mike. Tyson Versus. Roy Jones Junior. All right time now for everyone's favorite segment of the week, and as always it is brought you by Modell modahl-less Best Ya'll setting the gold standard for authentic Mexican. Beer since nineteen, twenty, five mode, Delo brewed for those with a fighting spirit. GST's minimalist off. So Ariel I want to urge people to identify words that they use on an everyday basis that may serve as a type of trigger word negative experience. Let me tell you what I mean. For example, one of those words for me is the word work. If you've ever noticed in a conversation with me, I do not use the word work because everyone usually has a negative connotation with. With. That word people like to complain about work to complain about their situations. At Work Yada Yada Yada. It's never really a positive feeling and it's usually much more negative and positive. So I'd never say I always say when I used to go to campus hey, I'm going to espn today I'm going to campus today because it's much more positive makes me feel more appreciative and thankful. For example, I'm very active. I never say working outside. I'll say that I'm going to go exercise because it just removes negative connotation that I have of that word. So I would urge anyone out there to find and identify words that bring negative feelings to themselves or feelings that don't make you better and true minimalist fashion, find those words, identified them and cut them out and find a creative. To articulate the same thing. I like that I didn't notice that you never use the word work. It's kind of interesting that you bring this up because you are on campus right now, this is the first time that we speak with you on campus me at home since early March. Early mid March yet. Me You and shale. We're having a good old boy last year in mid-march. Not really thinking anything's going to happen shale said, he'd drink corona virus if he could and. Different Times since I was last year does feel good to be back. It does feel good back. It's only temporary. I do get to come back for slack days here and there depending on situation that day, but it's a ghost town. There's not many people here. Just all the essentials I. Guess I'm essential. Now it's definitely different. And I definitely miss the normal life seeing you hear Powell and around buy me lunch and all those things. Yeah. Used to do that a lot. Probably Never GonNa see you ever again in person probably you know. Keeps trending in this direction, but nonetheless, it is good to see you there and i. don't have a word that I hate. Actually, there's a few words that I hate I do love the word package. I. Always loved the Word Package for some reason, you know what else I've noticed and I WANNA. Put a challenge out here to all the listeners slash viewers. I want someone to put together a compilation of you sang in your interviews. I'm just curious or oh, by the way because you set up every question like that I've noticed. Now. That's not a good thing if I use the same way to set up a question I feel like that's bad and I need to work on that. Yeah, you do it quite often i. mean, if you listen today's podcast, you're going to hear it several times. So I challenge someone to put together. A video compilation of classic troy thing to do like to point out of fault of mine, not to prop me. This is just amazing. It's such an interesting juxtaposition of the minimalist life to where you're. You're. You're like, Oh, positive. You know cut the bad words, yet you might be the most negative person. I know that's that's the fastest talk I'm a very positive person. Yeah. You just everyone throws praise at you all the time. I've got to keep you in check. You know sure. Sure. Sure..

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