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Because i find them to be more friction he than anything else But but that's what. I'm kind of wondering where the where the you know. What is the nature of the independence between These types of computing. Let's say so. I think it's going to depend partly on what you're trying to explain here. So if you are engaged in an understanding of the reflex. It's entirely okay to Restrict consideration to these kinds of sensory motor nodes and connections sort of representations. I think there's great expense benefit as you surrogate deeper and deeper so to speak into the cognitive as you are considering more sophisticated sorts of representations. Then you're going to start needing to appeal to these more sophisticated neural structure. We do we know that linus. I don't you so. I have had this question posted me before. I'm of the opinion. i'm not sure what johnson is. But i'm of the opinion that it's not clear there really is a line. I think there's going to be gradations of cognitive function that are going to sort of there's a spectrum and some cognitive functions imagination narration planning Might require actually planning. It seems like maybe doesn't require such sophisticated things. I think it depends on the type of planning but no but there are going to be these More sophisticated cognitive functions. That are going to require these more. Sophisticated types of explanation in terms of neuro spaces of dynamical objects in the brain in there will be less officiated. Instances cognition what you would you guys argue for a clean break though so that you can have these mental thoughts that are separated from your more motor sensory systems. There that's why i'm asking about the independence right. So what you just said is that there's a dacian potentially but what you argue for in the paper i believe is a clean break between them. So that you can have these higher level mental properties. I may totally be misunderstanding though. I wanna be many things being slightly convenient here. I absolutely do think that that is a..

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