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You should go onto the knuckles group. The way when I to knuckle with other things came up that were not what I was looking for so We have a couple of comments I. We have from Michael K huge amazing comic. I'm going to hold you to that will Mike courtesans. All right and the one of the two who comments memories I got I from Dan Motor. I was huge into the sonic comics. As a kid you should be, sir, the series was exciting to me because it expand the universe characters from more than just sonic tails and knuckles I'll have to see if I can find my old copies and read them with my son. See more people need to love this comic like I do because if you don't read it to when their kids are gonNA realize how garbage it is. Young after the game, the most I got to see if it was people playing at local gaming store, it was the kind of story where you had to buy time to play the Games on one of their systems and TV's my parents weren't big on that I. Never got the play, but it looked like fun to kid me. Well, you didn't Miss Anything Dan didn't all. Recurrent thing though it does look. Cool. Yes on a game the no one got to play I..

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