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As the dilemma was pulling up there is a big pile of cardboard and i said what's up with the cardboard and he said uh didn't get to it or something like ten and i said why not and then he said he did his best so that the thus that we've aren't don't do your best you might ask yes one make sure we got to what the response was right then negligence famously gerry producer to time garish met there was something with a gas that got booked and got booked at a different time or whatever it is door we're getting into you max and he said he i should listen you gotta you got to know when these gas book you're wherever and he went on outer loop interesting but you're the producer of the show why are you out of the loop and why are you telling me that you're out of the loop be in the loop there shouldn't be a loop that you should be out of when it comes to gas on the show then of course comically a level dylan and the next room when another gas got booked at the wrong time he said next time all triple check although he didn't single check or double he just hopped ahead triple check all these answers are answers of it had nothing to do with me vast no behavior change and now the latest our own chris maxwell pata just days ago now i have a thing it may be a little do she but i think if you i'll pick two extremes many you you tell me.

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