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Welcome to the voice of wine this is vintage with brian bush lack presented by masked mutual financial group proud supporter of the wine industry now the voice of wine brian bush lack this week we heads to northwest portland where we need an icon in the spirits industry lee mid off at house spirit see developed aviation gin and then it 2010 one out on his own with friend and business partner john rudi to launch bull run distilling but he got into the business sort of on accident i think heloc by chance more that actually by planting i was fortunate enough to be as a beer brewer to start off with and then i thought it'd be a winemaker and my first foray into distillation was actually working as a winemaker in france and part of my job there was to distill as well and i really enjoyed it and i learned just a little bit about this relation wake him came back to the states i was fortunate if we go back to mcmanaman's where i was a bureaucrat alleg just coincidentally put a still in and they didn't have any to run it though and so i was the right place at the right time with just write about at all it is to know how to turn it on was really nice about it was at the mcmanaman's this wanted dead yet experiment and that was great for me either and pretty much everything by doing it by experimenting they had a real open mind to try new things different things and i got a chance to meet a lot of great established distillers to the community was much much smaller back dead but people like us who bears your man robot he makes a fantastic brandy has consulted now here's very instrumental in helping me conduct took kentucky producers as well i mean it's i was very fortunate to be at the right place the right time at the very beginning of the craft movement when restar did you feedback mid '80s craft brewing i knew i was in central oregon at the time and to shoots and so that starts to happen so there's no like owners manual for this right that you have to canada's figure some of this stuff out by trial and error i cite fortunately with a background in information and during and winemaking and.

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